The Bridgerton Cast Knows What They Want to Happen In Season 2

Jonathan Bailey wants Anthony to smile more. Could a love match be the reason?

( Eligible bachelor Anthony Bridgerton—and his large viscount fortune—is in want of a wife, as Austen would say it. And with his heart freshly broken at the end of Bridgerton season one, the second season will track his way to his own (hopefully) love match! Yup, Netflix has made the news official: The Shondaland-produced regency era drama is coming back for a second season.

Netflix released this montage of some of the first season's best moments. The Duke and Duchess of Hastings' kiss is sweet and all, sure, but Netflix definitely knew what they were doing when they ended with that clip of Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). His proclamation to Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon (Regé-Jean Page) when we last saw him was a clue as to the second season's plot and we now have very reliable confirmation: Lady Whistledown's latest pamphlet!

PHOTO BY Netflix / Bridgerton

"This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season," wrote the gossip queen. Below, we answer some of your most burning questions for the second season:

On Which Julia Quinn Book Will Bridgerton Season 2 Be Based?

PHOTO Julia Quinn / Bridgerton Series
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The first season was based on the first book of the OG Julia Quinn series, The Duke and I; there are eight books in total and each one focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling! Thing is, of course the Shondaland series changed things up so while the second season is sure to take from The Viscount Who Loved Me, we can't say for sure the ending will be the same. 

Book spoilers ahead! A certain Kate Sheffield comes into the picture as Anthony's romantic lead—so what happens to the TV series-introduced Siena (Sabrina Bartlett)? Season one confirmed Anthony's impatient nature—and with his own father's legacy to complete (yes, there are a lot of daddy issues in the books)—who knows whether he'll try to patch things up with her. As for the incoming Kate Sheffield character, Deadline reports that casting is underway, along with several new roles. 

Will We Be Seeing More of Daphne and Simon?

So since each season focuses on a different sibling, it seems we'll have to leave the duke and duchess to their married bliss. Creator Chris Van Dusen could not confirm whether they'll return for the second season but  he does "hope so."


"They are now of course the Duke and Duchess of Hastings but in my mind they will always be Bridgertons and I think they will always be part of the show," Dusen said when he announced the second season on NBC's Today with Hoda & Jenna show on January 21.

"One of the most important things about the idea of a happy ending is that it doesn't end there, love is a continuous process," Page told Entertainment Tonight. "If we carry that story forward it should be about showing that the true strength of [Daphne and Simon's love] is in how it continues to work and grow and evolve." And with a baby at the end of season one, we're sure there's going to be a whole new set of challenges to face.

When Will We See More of Anthony?

PHOTO BY Netflix / Bridgerton

"I'm excited to see Anthony hopefully get some self-esteem and be kinder to himself. I sort of feel sorry for him, I think he means really well," Bailey told Entertainment Tonight in an interview about what the cast would like to see in the second season. The eldest Bridgerton, bless him, was severely misguided throughout the first season—and his best efforts to lead his family was initially met with much dissapoinment from Daphne and their mother, Violet (Ruth Gemmell). 

Still, there's hope for him yet! He will have to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and fill his destiny as the new viscount. "We need to him smiling, with bigger hair, longer mutton chops, and hopefully get him on the dance floor," joked Bailey in the interview. Anyone else wonder how he managed to evade dancing in all those ball scenes in the first season?

There is also, of course, Lady Whistledown herself to deal with. Now that her identity has been revealed, Van Dusen says "It's going to be really interesting for us to be able to play in that see how Penelope comes into her power."


"The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to production in the spring of 2021," wrote Lady Whistledown. This ideally means the entire cast is coming back, albeit production will most likely have to be scaled down. No release date has been set, but hey, as the pamphlet reminds, "Patience, after all, is a virtue."

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