How to Fight Using Butt Plugs? Learn From the Martial Artists Behind Both Everything Everywhere All at Once and Shang-Chi

They played the bad guys in both films.

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( There was definitely a time wherein we all wanted to be as cool as the martial arts masters we watched growing up. Whether it be Jackie Chan, Po the Panda, Bruce Lee, or even the element benders from the Avatar cartoon, there were many of these masters depicted in our entertainment.


With the popular releases of last year’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings from Marvel and this year’s Everything Everywhere All at Once from A24, a lot of today’s younger generation are definitely going to grow up inspired by veteran of the genre Michelle Yeoh (who stars in both films), Simu Liu, and Ke Huy Quan. However, you won’t have to look that much further to find more skilled martial arts entertainers, as two of them were integral to bringing a couple of the best scenes from both films to life.

The martial artists we’re talking about are Andy and Brian Le, a brother-duo on Youtube, who appeared as stunt performers in both Shang-Chi and Everything Everywhere All at Once, as well as served as the fight choreographers of the latter film. Andy portrayed Death Dealer, the main antagonist’s fist of fury, in Shang-Chi, while the two brothers both appeared on-screen fighting Yeoh in that butt-plug scene of Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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Check out Andy and Brian Le’s behind-the-scenes videos from Everything Everywhere All at Once and Shang-Chi:

The Le brothers unsurprisingly watched a lot of Jackie Chan’s and Bruce Lee’s martial arts films growing up and were mostly self-taught when it comes to the practice. Definitely following the path of the entertaining physicality brought by Chan and Lee to the big screen, the brothers started their own Youtube channel named the “Martial Club” in 2011. At a growing subscriber count of close to 750K, the brothers now look to be setting their sights towards Hollywood, with recent outings in two of the biggest new releases.

Below are their best videos.

Parody of the butt-plug fight scene... with Shang-Chi characters

Behind-the-scenes videos from the set of Everything Everywhere All at Once


Yes, that's Andy doing the sound effects from the buttplug fight scene.

Behind-the-scenes videos from the set of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

A compilation of outtakes and on-set shenanigans from Shang-Chi, edited as an homage to Jackie Chan's Police Story series. Dreams really do come true.

Expectations vs. Reality of martial arts movies

Okay, maybe some things are too good to be true. Fighting a bunch of black belts is almost always sure to lead to just you getting a black eye, among other injuries.

Martial artists vs. Normal people

Surely, we've all done that with a walis at one point in our lives.

Just in case you wanted to see the Nun get beat up by a martial arts master...

Similarly, this proves Annabelle would be better in a fight:

These bros love Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon so much that they made a sequel...sort of:


It's amazing seeing wuxia films be given love by modern-day filmmakers.

Just in case you couldn't tell they were Bruce Lee fans:

If you watched Enter the Dragon as a kid, you'd want to recreate those tournament fight scenes as well.

The Avengers would've beat Thanos if they knew martial arts:

We won't know peace until we get a fight scene like this in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (starring Wong and Shang-Chi, of course).

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