10 Other 5-Minute Travel Goals the MMDA Should Put on Their List

Duterte has spoken. Here are other things we wish he promised, too.

(SPOT.ph) People recently went wild over something the President said—which isn't new—but it struck a painful chord in the thousands of people who traverse the roads of Metro Manila daily. "You don't have to worry about traffic... Cubao and Makati will be about five minutes na lang," President Rodrigo Duterte was quoted as saying in an interview at Pastor Apollo Quiboloy's Sonshine Media Network, according to a report by The Philippine Star.

Of course, people were quick to react, trying their best to imagine waking up in a Metro Manila where you don't have to worry about traffic. Aside from calculating the actual probability of covering a distance of around 12 kilometers from Cubao to Makati in five minutes, even without traffic. 


This seems like the only logical explanation, really.

Or maybe a little play on semantics is the way to go?

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A zip line would at least be more fun than sitting in traffic for hours on end.

The MMDA is taking the President's proclamation more seriously though. In a radio interview with DZMM, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic chief Bong Nebrija said that a task force has already been formed to handle traffic concerns from Cubao to Makati. On the seemingly impossible five-minute travel time, he comments, "Kung 12.8 kilometers [from Cubao to Makati], para makuha mo ng five minutes, dapat tumatakbo ka ng 155 kilometers per hour, which is masyadong mabilis." Logic aside though, he said that the President has given them a goal, and whether attainable or not, they "already see the light at the end of the tunnel."

In the spirit of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) trying to achieve their five-minute travel time goals, we also thought of a few others commuters would appreciate if the MMDA could work on them too, along the way. 

  • Getting across EDSA. Most footbridges require extreme lung power, patience, and stamina, as this pair proved when they hiked over that Kamias Footbridge—the one that got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.
  • Getting into the right bus on a normal work day. Try searching for the right one when you're battling it out with fellow commuters right on the road, seeing as designated stops are usually way too crowded for use.
  • Getting in and out of crowded bus stops along EDSA. Passengers always get stuck at a single spot in EDSA—we're looking at you, Ortigas and Cubao stops—just because buses refuse to move on. You'd think they had some sort of romantic attachment, given just how much they're willing to stall and wait for more passengers. #MayForever, indeed.
  • Getting into a provincial bus, especially since MMDA aims to close down terminals along EDSA with the forthcoming bus ban. Have you ever tried being a chance passenger in a bus terminal during the holidays?
  • Getting into a UV Express vehicle. The MMDA and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board could figure out a way to shorten lines at terminals, especially since the board is now looking to enforce point-to-point operations for UV Express vehicles. 
  • Getting a taxi. Maybe enforcing proper taxi stands would make them more willing to actually bring you to your destination.
  • If they're working on traffic from Cubao to Makati, how about doing something about the route from Cubao all the way to Monumento, too? Southbound lanes aren't the only ones that need attention.
  • While we're on the subject of roads, how about speeding up the major repair of the Marcos Highway Bridge? Five minutes from Marikina to the Katipunan universities sounds like a dream right now, too.
  • Students and professionals would love a faster route from the Quezon City Elliptical Circle to the Manila Welcome Rotonda. Also, easier access to Binondo food trips would be a great plus, if this happens.
  • Of course, if we're talking about a magic carpet ride through EDSA, we can't leave out C-5 either. Coming in from and getting back to the South should really just take five minutes, not the usual two hours it takes now. 

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