Catriona Gray Is on Waze: Here Are Some Pageant-Level Lines We Wish She Could Say

( Battling traffic nearly every day in Metro Manila can wear you down but not if you've got an actual Miss Universe guiding you through it. Here's something that might help your daily journey through traffic hell a little easier: Catriona Gray is the latest addition to the navigational voice options of Waze. You can expect the Miss Universe 2018 titleholder's directions to be at global beauty-pageant level that you might just feel like lava walk-ing your way across town instead.

You can select Gray's voice through the Voice Directions tab under Voice & Sound.
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Once you start your navigation—under the guidance of Gray—she welcomes you with, "Hi, I'm Catriona Gray for BDO, ready to help you find your way. Drive safe!" Gray is the newest ambassador of the bank, and her inclusion marks her as the first Filipino celebrity on the app.

Aside from the usual directions (i.e. "turn left," turn right") Gray also hits us with some fun lines. For example, instead of simply walking away from your car after parking, she suggests, "Time to park the car and do the lava walk." Plus, if you need a gentle reminder on road safety, she says, "In my experience, U-turns are best made slowly."

The newest addition has, of course, people giving their own fun suggestions for Gray to say. From referencing Gray's answer during the Miss Universe pageant to her lava walk, they had it all down. Taking cue from the 2018 pageant as well, here are a few other things we wish the beauty queen could say while guiding us through traffic:

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  • I thank you for this wonderful destination, let's get started.
  • I believe that through grit and determination, we will make it through this traffic!
  • Congestion reported ahead: It's time to practice our slow-mo walk.
  • Police reported ahead: Just be the best that you can be!
  • I've always taught myself to look for the beauty in it; Maybe there's something in this traffic, too.
  • We stand together in this traffic not as one, but as 104 million Filipinos!

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