10 Times Auntie Julie Was the Progressive Tita of Our Dreams

"Don't forget to register to vote and use protection always!" said Auntie Julie, probably.

PHOTO BY Twitter / Macoy Dubs ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) All we want is a tita who won't greet us with an "Ay iha, tumaba kuh!" and we finally get to live that fantasy through Auntie Julie! Definitely the most popular alter ego of Macoy Averilla (a.k.a. Macoy Dubs) today, the sosyal tita from Poveda has taken over social media, all while clutching her pearls. 

So far, she's kicked up a storm singing duets on TikTok, trended on and off on the local Twitterverse, had a hilarious crossover with the ubiquitous Julie's Bakeshop, and even made her TV debut on ABS-CBN's Showtime on September 2. And despite Macoy Dubs temporarily taking the pearls off on August 21 as cancel culture took over, Auntie Julie is back with more "wantawsans" than ever.

The "tita" stereotype is a popular one and so you have to wonder what it is about Auntie Julie that has everyone practically obssessed. Sure, Averilla's delivery is definitely on point, and so is that penchant for always having Auntie Julie's gaudy jewelry in focus, but one thing that definitely caught people's attention is, well, her unexpectedly progressive behavior. From matchmaking her son with an hermana's son to her general supportive and sex-positive beliefs, we can't help but wish all titas had similar viewpoints. Auntie Julie just feels like the kind of aunt we could actually talk to with zero judgement! We round up just a few times Auntie Julie was true #TitaGoals:


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The first time we met Auntie Julie, she hit us with this gem as she spoke to her inaanak: "Oh, you tell your boyfriend to use protection, ha? Of course we want you to be ano, responsible teenagers."

And then she doubled that up with a confession we doubt we would hear anywhere else. "When we were in high school ng mom mo sa Poveda, we screw boys sa La Salle!" she added cheekily, complete with that high-pitched semi-scream lilt at the end. 


We can't forget the first skit that really made us realize how accepting Auntie Julie was. Can you imagine your mom setting you up on a Grindr date in real life? While dining at a Mary Grace before going bag shopping (because of course), Auntie Julie spots Eduardo, son of another hermana, and introduces him to her son, Robert Angelo—and after the usual small talk, tells them "You guys get along, ha?"

Aside from the fact that this tita knows about Grindr, she also knows a couple other terms that are sure to raise some eyebrows among other Catholic all-girls school alumni. "Are you top or bottom? Ah, versa," cue the winky emoji.

And of course, who can forget that this widowed tita is getting a new lease on her love life via Bumble? The dating app isn't just for youngsters, you know. And don't tell her it's not spelled "Bambol," it'll spoil the fun.


Surprise! Robert Angelo surprises his mom with a friend while at breakfast and instead of flipping shit, Auntie Julie offers the new "friend" some pancakes. We imagine this move would have resulted in a telenovela-level fight in another Pinoy household.

Plus, as if that wasn't enough, Aunt Julie sneaks in an extra-cheeky "Is Bert good in bed?" at the end. Cringe and supportive at the same time.


Auntie Julie also dropped this safe sex reminder on Twitter!

And we also got this sweet reminder that you are worthy of self-love. No self-help book compares, we think. 

A few days after Auntie Julie first came to spread good vibes online, Macoy Dubs decided to hang up her pearls. Averilla called out the cancel culture that was pushing back on the popular character. "Ang daming problema ng Earth, why do you guys want to cancel good vibes?" he said, adding that Auntie Julie will be back. "But people [come on], 2020 na," added Averilla.


Then there was this fun jab at her own pearls. Who says local isn't as good as international?

Check out this time she called out an old man for judging cheerleaders' short skirts. We're not sure what exactly he said, but we can definitely imagine it. "Goodness, these toxic men," she said adding a reminder to register to vote—which, BTW, resumed on September 1!


"That's why you register tomorrow, Robert, ha?" Auntie Julie tells her son (and pretty much everyone watching). "And don't let toxic men win." Louder for the people in the back!

Then Macoy Dubs sported another power suit at Auntie Julie's first TV appearance! This Tita is showing us how to slay in heels and pearls, no matter what they say you're supposed to be. 

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