10 Free Apps Perfect for Keeping That LDR Spark Alive

Let's face it: These days, most of us are in a long-distance relationship.

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(SPOT.ph) There’s a popular saying that says, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and that couples separated by distance feel greater affection for each other. Sure, a long-distance relationship has that edge; but it also has a whole lot of challenges. And if you’re one of the unlucky (or lucky) ones who are physically apart because of the current quarantine or the implemented measures on social distancing, then you might be dealing with a faux-long distance relationship (LDR) right now. 

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Check out these free mobile apps if you’re in a long-distance relationship:



Between is an all-in-one app where you and your S.O. can have private chats, shared albums for your memories, a shared calendar where you can make plans for when you finally see each other, and a common notepad for reminders and lists. You can also use it to do a countdown for your next celebration, such as your wedding anniversary or the day when you first met.

Available on Android and iOS. 

The Couple

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Be reminded of the number of days you've been together through The Couple's homepage widget. You can customize it with your favorite image and heart icon to serve as your phone's wallpaper. And if that's not enough, you can set reminders for the next big day that you're celebrating. 

Available on Android and iOS. 



LokLok is the modern-day version of leaving sticky notes on your crush's locker. The first thing to do is set LokLok as your dynamic lock screen, making it a virtual whiteboard that you can doodle on. You can also sync your screen to your S.O.'s so you can leave sweet nothings anytime. Imagine waking up to a cute sketch on your phone in the morning!

Available on Android. 


This quiz-style app makes your bond stronger through quick rounds of Q&A. Built for two, it lets you answer 10 questions a day, and through this, you’d get to find out if your partner knows you well enough to guess the same answer. It even suggests fun activities that you can do together virtually, such as creating a shared playlist of songs you both like. 

Available on Android and iOS



Another special day counter for couples, Lovedays reminds you of how many days you've been together  and how many more until your anniversary. It also lets you decorate your own widget, which you can place on your phone's notification bar. 

Available on Android and iOS.  


iPassion is HappyCouple’s older and NSFW sister. It lets you learn more intimate things about your partner, such as what you love about his/her face, likes and dislikes in the bedroom, and—well, you get the drill. Sometimes, you'll get asked about your future plans, like your dream home or how many kids you want to have.

Available on Android and iOS. 



Rave is a multimedia messenger app that lets you watch a video or listen to music in sync with your S.O. Just download it on your phone, turn up the volume, and you're all set to rave together...but apart. 

Available on Android and iOS.  


This location-sharing app borders on the creepy side if not used properly, so tread carefully. But it’s a huge help if you just want to alleviate your worries while your partner is on a night out with friends or on his/her way home. 

Available on Android and iOS. 



Every couple goes through a rough patch, and things get a bit more complicated if you're miles away. Lasting, which is a couples counseling app, features guided counseling programs for whatever aspect of your relationship you need help with: communication, emotional connection, or conflict, among others.  

Available on Android and iOS. 


Without's tagline makes it look promising: "An app for couples who like each other." If you're in an LDR, it displays the details in your partner's neighborhood like the weather and local time. But when you're finally in each other's arms, the app also detects that through Bluetooth. How cool is that? 

Available on iOS. 

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