10 Date-Night Ideas for When You're Stuck at Home

Whether you're together or away from each other.


(SPOT.ph) As much as you want to spend some quality time with your S.O. after a whole week of working, going out for date night can be—gasp—actually tiring. Metro Manila doesn’t make it easy: there’s the hassle of traffic to consider, the logistics of scoring tickets for a movie, concert, or a musical, and—well—just plain exhaustion. But do remember that date nights don’t have to be fancy, what matters is that you’re having fun with your favorite person. We've got some suggestions to start you off.

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Date-night ideas for when you're living under one roof:

Catch up on that TV series you've been putting off 

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It takes unconditional love to not automatically go to the next episode of a series when your S.O. isn't there. So maybe it’s time to finally settle down at home for the weekend and just power through the whole season of that show you’ve been putting off. Just plop down on the couch, turn on the television or your laptop, log on to Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, or your streaming service of choice, and get ready for a full day of never having to leave the house. Don't forget the snacks!

Take out the board games from the closet 

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If you’re really hoping for some quality time, disconnecting from the Internet takes away a whole load of distraction from your stay-at-home day. Dust off that box of Scrabble, Monopoly, or Boggle for some good ol’ board-game fun. 

Stream a Broadway musical


Couples who often spend their weekends at the theater now have the chance to do away with dressing up for a gala night. BroadwayHD—a New York-based on-demand streaming platform—lets you stream recorded performances of your favorite plays and musicals. There aren't very many available titles for the Philippine audience, but the selection's enough considering the monthly fee of U.S. $8.99 (roughly P460). There's also a seven-day trial period if you just want to check it out. 

Set up a home spa for two 

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Who says you have to leave the house to pamper yourself? You can set up a DIY foot spa with a few simple tricks: Fill a plastic tub with warm water, add bath salts or essential oils, then soak and scrub away. You can take things further by preparing a nice warm bath for a relaxing time with your beau. 


Make a travel bucket list for when you finally head out 

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Do you know the best thing about staying in? It’s the idea that stepping back into the “outside world” becomes much more special—flowers smell more fragrant, skies are bluer, and the air is cleaner. (We exaggerate, but you get the drift.) For now, you can dream about your next vacation: whether an adventure off the beaten path in the Philippines’ most exciting destinations like Kawasan Falls in Cebu or Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, or a tropical holiday on some of the world's most beautiful islands—El Nido, Coron, Siargao, Camiguin—the list goes on. 

Date-night ideas for when you're in a long-distance relationship (or just separated by the whole stretch of EDSA):

Watch a movie together, but not really


You know what we said about waiting for your S.O. so you can watch the next episode together? Distance doesn't matter if you can watch it at the same time online. Google Chrome extension Netflix Party syncs video playback as long as you’re in the same “party,” which means that when you pause on a scene, the same thing happens to your partner's screen. Plus there's a chatbox on the side, so you can share your reactions real-time. 

Challenge each other to a fun online game

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Love competitive games? You don't have to drive all the way to your partner's house just to play a round of board and card games like UNO and Cards Against Humanity. We already have the Internet for that. 

Dance it out in an online rave 


While dancing the night away was probably high on your list of date-night ideas when you were younger, you might not have the same amount of energy to do that right now. Enter: Rave, a multimedia messenger app that lets you watch and listen to video or music content in sync with your S.O. Just download it on your phone, turn up the volume, and you're all set. 

Go to a museum halfway across the world 

Virtually, of course. Have you always wanted to go to Musée d’Orsay in Paris or The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as a couple? Google Arts and Culture (formerly Google Art Project) gives unlimited access to high-resolution images of your favorite works of art or virtual walk-throughs of museums around the world. If you’re thinking more local, there are Philippine art galleries and museums that have gone digital as well. 


Exchange sweet nothings and cute drawings

Long-distance relationships are a whole lot easier now with a number of messaging apps available for your every need. There are the classic video apps: Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts. But if you want to make things more exciting, there's Marco Polo, which lets you leave video messages complete with silly filters—think of it as a virtual Walkie-Talkie; or LokLok, which allows you to leave cute drawings or selfies on your S.O.’s lock screen.

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