10 OG Pinoy Supermarket Faves You Probably Have in Your Pantry

Who else isn't willing to say goodbye to Reno?


(SPOT.ph) Pinoys everywhere had one heck of a rude awakening after the Food and Drug Administration announced on September 16 that the beloved merienda staple Reno Liver Spread isn't a registered product—therefore they can't assure consumers of its safety. Only thing is, we've been eating the spread for decades now and the sudden advisory isn't making sense to a lot of folks. Amid worries for their caldereta and statements of shock and grief, people are practically jumping to defend their favorite savory spread from the regulatory body.

Everyone in the comments section. from r/Philippines

With Reno currently in the spotlight, we decided to take a look at other staples that have made the typical Pinoy pantry across generations. There are the two holy trinities that every kitchen has—the onion, garlic, and ginger one plus the soy sauce, vinegar, and fish sauce combination, of course—but for this list, we round up some pretty specific items that magically never seem to run out in a Pinoy household. Think there's any chance we might have to say goodbye to these items anytime soon?


Are your pantries stocked with these 10 Pinoy OG supermarket faves?

M.Y. San SkyFlakes

PHOTO M.Y. SAN SkyFlakes
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Presenting the multi-purpose cracker of every Pinoy's dietary needs, SkyFlakes! These light but savory crackers are the answer; they're perfect for when your stomach's a little queasy, when you just want a snack, need to add a little something to your soup, or are just bored, really. Plus, remember the time they used to come in tin cans and we had to use the end of a fork to open it up?

Star Margarine

PHOTO BY Magnolia Star Margarine

This is the secret to making sure kids ate every bit of rice on their plate. Remember when your parents used to mix it into steaming hot rice for an extra creamy and savory hit? The good old Star Margarine has been a favorite among Pinoy kids for decades now and we definitely don't see it going away anytime soon.


PHOTO Ecco Food Corporation Stik-O

Don't lie: You have probably finished an entire tub of these addictive chocolate-filled tubes in one sitting before. And who can deny the oddly-satisfying feeling of pulling out the plastic bag with the first two pieces when a new tub is opened? This classic snack is just one of those things you reach for, no matter what age you are.

Jack 'n Jill's V-Cut Potato Chips

PHOTO BY SPOT.ph Archives

And speaking of classic, unbeatable snacks, we can't leave out the OG Pinoy potato chips, V-Cut! They were excellent baon for those old school days and they're still an excellent snack today. Sure, there have been other flavors, but the barbecue remains the most popular. 

UFC Banana Catsup

PHOTO UFC Banana Catsup

Are you really a Pinoy household if you don't have some form of the sweet and tangy banana catsup—yes, spelled that way—stocked away somewhere. The classic UFC Banana Catsup popular today has been around since the '60s and was originally owned by the Universal Food Corporation. Time was, it didn't matter if no one considered it a favorite, there just always had to be banana catsup in the house (for lumpia-related emergencies, anyway). 

Ludy's or Lily's Peanut Butter 

PHOTO Ludy's Peanut Butter / Lily's Peanut Butter

There are a lot of peanut butter brands out there—and there are the homemade, extra oily ones you can get, too—but Ludy's and Lily's are top-of-mind for Pinoys. They usually come with an extra-smooth texture, topped with a good layer of peanut oil, that makes pan de sal all the better. 

Pinoy Tasty Loaf Bread

PHOTO BY Pinoy Tasty Loaf Bread

As long as we could all remember, there was Pinoy Tasty. There are a few households that have remained loyal to the old-school brand, and TBH, there's something nostalgic about the loaf that can't be beat.


PHOTO Pinterest

Was any merienda complete without a tall, cool glass of Tang? Orange was the most popular flavor before; not to mention the many brands of concentrate that packed a punch, too. Remember how much juice we could get from the old Sunny Orange Juice Concentrate?

Nestlé Milo

PHOTO BY Nestle Milo

Don't be fooled, this chocolate drink isn't just for kids. Pinoy families have pretty much lived off this stuff for decades now, and not just consuming it as a drink. Eating it straight from the pack—or the old tin cans they used to come in—is a guilty pleasure, and so is mixing it with rice for a pseudo-champorado. 

Lucky Me Pancit Canton

PHOTO BY Lucky Me Pancit Canton

And who can forget the number-one craving of any Pinoy? Whatever flavor your drug of choice is, these instant noodles are usually prepared and eaten anytime of the day (or night) and for whatever reason. Add a fried or boiled egg, stuff it in some loaf bread, fry up a hotdog, it's the ultimate Pinoy down-home snack.

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