Meet Tita G, Whose TikToks Bridge the Slang Divide Between Millennials and Gen Z

This tita won't judge you for being clueless.

Tita G on TikTok
PHOTO BY @titag/TiKTok

( Pardon Tita G for mistaking you for an Australian afam for saying naur when you just meant to say sana all. In the name of 100,000 TikTok followers, it's her mission on social media to decode Gen Z slang for millennials like her, and older generations so that we can all live in peace.

Grace Co, a curious, self-proclaimed millennial tita who has no Gen Z influence in her life, has gained more than 1.9 million likes for demistifying slang terms like "to the moon" and "awit sa'yo tol", serving up pure infotainment or knowledge wrapped in awkward humor.

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"Originally, I just wanted it to be entertaining pero parang naging infotainment na rin siya so feeling ko, it's a dual purpose pero genuinely I get to help people understand new terms," she told


"It's just fascinating kasi the more that we learn how each generation speaks and may effort tayo to understand that, I think mas nagkakaroon tayo ng understanding with each other." 

@thetitag wherein I try my best to explain NAUR. #titasoftiktok #titagskits ♬ original sound - Tita G

Millennial explaining Gen Z slang on TikTok

Co, a communication arts graduate, said she has always been fascinated with how language evolved throughout generations, like how grandparents use to call their refrigerators "frigider" based on famous fridge brand to how Gen Zs call Starbucks "Starbs" where titas like her can order the not-so-secret Barista Drink. (For those who don't know, that's an iced Americano without water, sub breve with white mocha syrup.)

"Naturally curious ako parang as a tita nga, feeling ko gusto ko lagi maka-keep up sa mga tao or sa latest trends or sa mga nakababata or nakakatanda sa akin so everytime something comes up, I really try my best to research about it," Co, an education programs manager, said.

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Her curiosity is also fueled by the fact that at 31, she's the youngest person at home and nobody aside from her understands Gen Z language. She recalled how her father asked her who the heck "Marites" was.

So why fill Gen Z's favorite app TikTok with explainers on their own slang? Turns out, her services are needed on an app where the kids and kids at heart look for entertaining content.

"Surprisingly, there are also a lot of people who are older who are on TikTok and siguro nga, because of the algorithm, mas sila 'yung natatamaan ng aking content. I think shortform talaga is really the best way to communicate to people nowadays with so many available content to consume, kailangan makuha mo atensyon ng mga tao," she said.

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Uniting titos and titas on TikTok

Tita G on TikTok, growing old
PHOTO BY @titag/TikTok

What started as Co's funny tita skits became an avenue for other titos and titas on TikTok to unite and figure out together how to use "uwu" in a sentence. As the older generation, they have to make an effort to understand where the youth are coming from, said Co.


"It's a good way for us to empathize with each other kasi when we dismiss it na 'ano ba 'yan 'di ko kayo maintindihan' e ganun sila magsalita e. The more that we ignore that, I think the more we'll create division between each generation," she said.

@thetitag use uwu in a sentence! #titagskits #titasoftiktok ♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod

Surprisingly, even other Gen Zs don't understand their generation's slang.

"It's amazing kasi when you use a platform that's native to the audience like Gen Z, nakakatuwa kasi may Gen Zs din na [sasabihin] thank you for explaining kasi mismong sila 'di nila gets."

Aside from her Gen Z explainers, she also has answers for awkward tita questions like "kailan ka magkaka-jowa o asawa?" 

@thetitag it's the light jogging for me!!! ~pagud #titagskits #titasoftiktok ♬ Nobody - Mitski

Being dubbed as TikTok's tita is something Co is proud of. For her, as long as you're willing to understand the younger generation, you're "cool" in the face of change.

"Being a tita in a figurative and literal sense is something I hope we can all be proud of kasi parang for the longest time, we see it as 'tita na 'yan, medyo matanda na 'yan' but there's nothing wrong with growing old. I hope we also embrace this because now we have a chance na tayo naman mag-guide sa mga nakababata sa atin."

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