10 Bestsellers From MUJI in Manila

From sneakers to a handheld shredder.

(SPOT.ph) You can't lie. Everyone's #HomeGoals would probably look like a MUJI store. Which is why it's no surprise that fans of the Japanese lifestyle brand went into a frenzy when they announced the opening of the first MUJI hotel in Shenzhen, China. Established in 1980, MUJI is known for their simple yet functional home finds and, shall we say, their magnetizing stationery section. Admit it, you can't walk out of a MUJI store without checking out what color of pen you still need or a new journal that might be useful... Oh, is that a to-do pad? Yup, you need that, too. It's been almost a decade since Stores Specialists, Inc. brought MUJI to the country and the brand has since become a household name for those who love anything simple and functional, and, okay, those who love anything #aesthetic. 

The thing with MUJI is they don't try too hard to make their products look pretty. In fact, the brand claims that they don't produce items to make customers say "This is what I really want." Instead, their goal is to create products that will make shoppers say "This will do." They've stripped everything down to the bare minimum, which is form and function, while leveling up the quality to make it the MUJI that we all know and love. Not sure what to pick up the next time you're at the store?

Here are MUJI's 10 best-selling products in the Philippines:

Hard Carry Case Trolley (P7,950/19L, P8,950/35L, P11,500/62L, P14,500/87L, P16,500/104L)


If you need options, MUJI’s Hard Carry Case Trolleys come in various sizes. Whether it’s for a quick work trip or a long vacation, there’s a size that’s perfect for the occasion. Each suitcase features double-sided wheels that allow the trolley to roll quietly and smoothly. The wheels can be locked, so your luggage won’t start rolling around uncontrollably if you need to let go for a bit. It’s available in four colors: black, navy, beige, and blue (limited edition).

Walk Support Water Repellent Sneakers (P1,650)


People went crazy when we spread the word about these water-repellent sneakers that are less than P2,000. We can’t blame them, though. MUJI's sneakers are treated with water-repellent technology so they don’t get stained with mud or puddles—this means being able to wear your white kicks worry-free no matter the weather.

Good Fit Right Angle Socks (P195)

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We’re pretty sure you’ve experienced your socks slipping off your feet and you having to act like everything’s okay. You might be used to it by now and it probably doesn’t even bother you as much anymore, but you might want to check out MUJI’s Good Fit Right Angle Socks. These pairs were designed to let you walk freely and comfortably without slipping off your feet! The magic is in the way it was knitted—at a 90-degree angle made to fit the contour of your feet.

Handheld Shredder (P695)


As a child, you probably always wanted to have your own shredder. You probably still want one now even as a full-grown adult. MUJI has a handheld shredder that you can use to shred receipts, bank statements, and all other negative vibes to oblivion. Kidding aside, this handy shredder can help you dispose of sensitive documents anytime, anywhere.


Feather Pillow 50x70 (P1,150)


Just one look at MUJI’s fluffy pillows and you can already tell they can give you some high-quality Zs. Made with light and firm waterfowl feathers, these pillows promise to provide comfort, stay soft and plump, and cushion your head (or your entire body if you get at least four) all night long.

Beads Sofa (P7,950/body, from P2,950/cover)


Tere are few simple joys in life like spending an entire afternoon lounging in these bean bags while watching your favorite shows on Netflix. These plush bean bags are composed of fine bead particles that provide support for your waist all the way to your neck so you can lounge around comfortably. We want 10!

PP Shower Brush (P695)


Who would’ve thought that a back scrubber would be one of MUJI’s best-selling products? This shower brush has bristles that are made from soft nylon material, so it sloughs off dirt and dead skin cells gently. It features a groove handle, making it easier for you to get a comfortable grip as you have an exfoliating party in the shower.

Aroma Diffuser (P3,950)


At the end of a long day, all you want to do is be able to rest while enjoying the peace and quiet of your home. One easy way to give your space some relaxing ambience is by investing in a diffuser, like this MUJI bestseller. It makes use of ultrasonic waves which help diffuse and dispense fragrant mist anywhere you want, so you can ease your senses and fall into a sweet slumber.

Red Cedar Shoe Keepers (P1,450)


MUJI’s best-selling shoe keepers will help you keep your favorite pairs looking good as new. These promise to stretch out wrinkles as well as retain each shoe's original shape. Fun fact: Red cedar deodorizes and repels insects naturally, so it will keep your kicks clean and bug-free, too!

Indian Cotton Jersey Stitch Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt (P695)


Everyone needs a reliable plain white tee, and this one from MUJI is exactly that. It's made with organic cotton and specially designed with non-stretch tape which prevents the neckline from curling overtime. Also, the fabric used doesn't cling to the skin, providing a comfortable fit all day long.

See a list of MUJI stores.

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