10 Cute Coffee Cups Under P500 for Your Growing Mug Collection

You can shop them all online!

PHOTO BY Instagram/everyinch.ph, Invitation House

(SPOT.ph) With all the time you’ve spent indoors this year, you’ve probably made a hobby out of improving your home life with stylish decor and functional kitchenware. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s turned into an addiction by now—once you start shopping for cute pots, plates, and mugs, you’ll want to get more and more. If you’re slowly building a collection of #aesthetic coffee cups at home, we round up some pretty picks you can shop now. Best part? They’re less than P500 each so you can stock up on all sorts of designs without breaking the bank!

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Irresistibly #Aesthetic Coffee Cups You Can Shop Right Now

You can get these gorgeous coffee cups for less than P500 each: 

Faye Glasses (P180/150ml; P270/250ml; P320/350ml) from Walled.ph

PHOTO BY Instagram/walled.ph

Keep your mug collection sleek and simple with these transparent, double-walled mugs from Walled.ph. They’re made of borosilicate glass that can hold both warm and chilled drinks. Their layered design will prevent excess condensation and make the glass easy to hold even when your beverage is too hot or too cold. You can get them in three sizes!

You can shop Walled.ph by filling out the order form featured on their Instagram page.

Pink Wide Mug with White Interior Wall (P120) from Heya MNL

PHOTO BY Instagram/heya.mnl

If you love anything and everything pink from gadgets to sneakers to office chairs, you’ll want to add this pastel mug from Heya MNL to your collection. It has a no-frills design in a soft, rosy hue with a white interior that punctuates the pale pink shade. Best part? It’s only P120!

You can shop Heya MNL by sending a message to their Instagram page.

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Minimalist Clear Cups (P320) from Every Inch

PHOTO BY Instagram/everyinch.ph

Start your day with an uplifting message from these glass mugs from Every Inch, which feature the phrases "positive vibes" and "cheer up my friend." The happy quotes will make your morning coffee even more of a mood booster. They also have other glass cups featuring cute, minimalist doodles—you’ll want to collect them all!

You can shop Every Inch by sending a message to their Instagram page.

Disney Princess Mugs (P490) Print Tales

PHOTO BY Print Tales

Channel your inner Disney princess with these cups from Print Tales. You can shop designs inspired by Rapunzel from Tangled and Elsa from Frozen, but we’re especially obsessed with the Mulan-themed mug. It features a gorgeous illustration modeled after the cherry blossoms famously featured in the 1998 animated film. Plus, you'll find the quote "have courage" printed onto the glass on the other side of the mug.

Available on Print Tales’ website and official Shopee page.

Lola Cups (P395) from Adoré MNL

PHOTO BY Instagram/adoremnl

We love the unconventional shape of these Lola Cups from online decor store Adoré MNL, which would be a unique addition to your collection of glasses and mugs. The accordion-like interior wall is available in teal and amber tints, which would make any drink (even water!) look #aesthetic.

You can shop Adoré MNL by sending a message to their Instagram page.

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Bear Double-Walled Glass Cup (P499) from Lilo Home

PHOTO BY Instagram/lilo.home

These double-walled glass cups from Lilo Home are oh-so bear-y cute! You can get them in transparent or brown-tinted designs, depending on how you want your drink to look. And in case you just can’t decide, we wouldn’t judge if you copped both!

You can shop Lilo Home by sending a message to their Instagram page.

Freya Mugs (P130) from Invitation House

PHOTO BY Instagram/invitationhouseph

You can get these chic monochromatic mugs from Invitation House for just P130 each and they’re available in a variety of pretty colors including pink, mint, and yellow among others. You’ll want to collect them all and use whichever matches your mood (or outfit) that day!

Available on Invitation House's website.

White Cup and Wooden Coaster (P260) from Ceramic Collective

PHOTO BY Instagram/ceramic_collective

If you like rustic dinnerware, this cup-and-coaster set from Ceramic Collective would fit perfectly into your homey, farmhouse aesthetic. You can get both a rounded white mug and wooden coaster for just P260.

You can shop Ceramic Collective by sending a message to their Instagram page.

Amara Wobbly Glassware (P480) from Harper and Harlow

PHOTO BY Harper and Harlow

We can’t take our eyes off these dainty glasses from Harper and Harlow, which feature an adorable teardrop-like shape with a wide base that narrows out around the top. They come in four designs, each one featuring delicate doodles featuring flowers, leaves, stars, and more painted in soft, pastel colors.

Available on Harper and Harlow's website.

Tinted Cups (P480) from June and July

PHOTO BY Instagram/juneandjulyhome

These tinted glass cups from June and July come in five chic hues: Smoke Black, Teal, Green, Yellow, and Pink. We love their soft colors and minimalist aesthetic! Plus, despite the thin, lightweight glass, they’re heat-resistant, so you can use them to enjoy your hot beverages—perfect for when the weather starts to get chilly! Each cup is priced at P480. 

Available on June and July's website.

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