What Scented Candle to Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let the universe decide which candle would suit you best!

PHOTO BY Pahulay, Olk Candle ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) By now, you may have already adorned your dwelling with #aesthetic home decor that makes looking at your space both pleasant and satisfying. Now that you’re happy with how the place looks, we suggest channeling your energy into perfecting its scent. Our olfactory senses are a powerful thing and they can affect our mood, bring back specific memories, and even improve productivity, so choosing the right home scent can have a big effect on your daily life, whether you realize it or not. There are a multitude of aromas out there to choose from, but if you just can’t make up your mind, why not let the stars decide your fate? Below, we round up a list of scented candles that would be perfect for each zodiac sign. From refreshing outdoor scents to warm, toasty fragrances, you’re sure to find a candle that aligns with your inner self and makes your space even more of a home.


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Here’s what scented candle you should shop depending on your zodiac sign:


Rustic Room Candle (P699) from Pahulay
PHOTO BY Pahulay
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Pahulay’s Rustic Room candle would be a perfect fit for the courageous and passionate Aries because its scent is inspired by the bright and spunky March Sisters in Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women. It has notes of pine, cinnamon, cedarwood, and rose that channel the refreshing pine trees of New England.

Available online.


Sea Soy Candle (P500) from Sunny Label
PHOTO BY Sunny Label

Sunny Label’s Sea Soy Candle is infused with pure wood sage and sea salt essential oils. Their website describes the candle as one that "grounds us in the present moment"—perfect for the reliable and patient Taurus. It’s made to give off healing energy with a subtle, but soothing scent that any earth sign would love.

Available online.


Wood Wick Candle in Sunday Candy (P500) from Olk Candle
PHOTO BY Olk Candle

For the curious and indecisive Gemini, we recommend Olk Candle’s Sunday Candy, which is made of a variety of scents including Florida orange, sparkling lemon, violet petals, jasmine, velvet rose, cotton blossom, and muguet musk, which come together for a powdery but unique aroma. The wooden wick gives the candle a fireplace-like crackling sound that will keep the air sign amused and engrossed.

Available online.


Blanket Candle (P680) from Oonah Handcrafted
PHOTO BY Oonah Handcrafted

Oona Handcrafted describes the Blanket Candle’s scent as being akin to "slipping yourself into your bed’s clean sheets after a long, tiring grind at the office." The caring and soulful Cancer would appreciate the comforting blend of cotton flower and white musk that’s as soothing as it is refreshing.

Available online.


Komodo Scented Candle (P575) from Foyer Candle Studio
PHOTO BY Foyer Candle Studio

For the cheerful and energetic Leo, nothing would be more apt than a coffee-scented candle like this one from Foyer Candle Studio. The aroma of freshly roasted espresso wafting through your bedroom will feel like both a cozy Sunday morning and a sudden jolt of energy. It will help your creative juices flow and get you pumped for the day ahead.

Available online.


Hygge Vessel Candle in Zen Babe (P220) from Candle City
PHOTO BY Candle City

This scented candle from Candle City is named Zen Babe and the practical and level-headed Virgo would appreciate its light, calming aroma. The description of the scent says that it's for "an unbothered babe" and the independent earth sign is exactly that.

Available online.

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Soy Candle in Sunday Morning (P649) from Psyche Candles
PHOTO BY Psyche Candles

Libras are known to be sweet, mild-mannered, and gracious, so this warm Sunday Morning scent from Psyche Candles would be right up their alley. The toasty, soul-soothing combo of coconut, warm vanilla, and fig will plunge deep into their senses and automatically put them in good spirits.

Available online.


Secret Smoke Candle (P950) from 23rd Street Candle Co.
PHOTO BY 23rd Street Candle Co.

Many people think of the brave and unpredictable Scorpio as the wild card of the zodiac so the mystical blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and peppermint in the Sacred Smoke candle from 23rd Street Candle Co. would be a great match for the passionate water sign. It blends wooden and minty scents for an aroma that’s as unique and surprising as any Scorpio you might meet.

Available online.


After Sex Candle (P625) from Lit AF Candle Co.
PHOTO BY Lit AF Candle Co.

This cheekily named After Sex candle from Lit AF Candle Co. is perfect for the wild and adventurous Sagittarius.The fun-loving fire sign would appreciate both the humor in the name as well as the wooden, musky Egyptian Amber aroma, which is described as the smell of "cuddles or another round"—equal parts thrilling and relaxing.

Available online.


Inner Peace Bamboo Candle (P450) from Hilom Artisan Collection
PHOTO BY Hilom Artisan Collection

Despite their disciplined, responsible nature, earth signs like Capricorns need a little help to let go of their type A tendencies and channel their inner selves—this candle from Hilom Artisan Collection called Inner Peace will be the respite they need. It combines lavender and bamboo with earthy cedarwood that could transport anyone to a cabin out in the woods. According to Hilom’s website, the scent will both "awaken and calm the senses" and is "perfect for meditating and grounding experience."

Available online.


Quiet Time Candle (P375/regular wick; P395/wood wick) from 11:11 Candles
PHOTO BY 11:11 Candles

For the Aquarius in your life, this Quiet Time candle from 11:11 candles would be a heaven-sent gift. The cool blend of peppermint and eucalyptus is perfect for slowing down or getting some much-needed alone time after a long, grueling day—the candle will complement the independent air sign’s need for solitude.


Available online.


Old Manila Candle (P950) from Saan Saan
PHOTO BY Saan Saan

This candle from Saan Saan is inspired by the opening chapter of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere—an interpretation of Kapitan Tiyago’s colonial home in Binondo, thus the name Old Manila. The artistic and intuitive Pisces will love its connection to literature and history. It combines vetiver, cedar, and rose for a soft, romantic scent that will inspire and relax the gentle water sign.

Available online.

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