Add to Cart: 10 Online Shopping Finds to Boost Your Mood This April

We could all use a little cheering up.

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Uniqlo, HAY, Deoproce, Stojo, Looking for Juan ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( It’s officially summer in Manila and...well, we're all still advised to stay put at home. With ECQ: The Sequel under way, whatever out-of-town-getaways and outdoor adventures you had planned for the sunny season will mostly have to be canceled or at least postponed for the time being. We know 2021 is looking bleak so far, so if you’re looking for small ways to brighten up your days, we’ve listed down the best shopping finds to add to your cart this April. Whatever happens this summer, at least you’ll have something to look forward to each time you’re waiting for your next package. This month, we spotted a cool mini fridge, a chic office chair, the comfiest leggings you’ll ever wear, and more. Happy shopping, Spotters!

These are the best shopping finds to add to your cart this April:

Formotion Sculpt Tights (P4,000) from Adidas

shopping finds

We say this with no exaggeration: Adidas’ new Formotion collection is one the most size-inclusive, form-flattering lines of activewear around. With sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large, the line include sports bras, bodysuits, biker shorts, and more that offer maximum stretch, support, and compression to let you move freely no matter the workout while also molding to your body’s shape, keeping your love handles at bay, and making your curves look snatched. The entire Formotion line was designed by an all-female team, so it’s no surprise that each piece is truly tailored for women of all shapes and sizes. If you’re going to pick just one item from the collection, we recommend these high-waisted tights, which could quickly become your go-to for all physical activities.

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Available online; see a list of Adidas stores.

Cotton Canvas Slip-Ons (P1,490) from Uniqlo

shopping finds

In 2020, Uniqlo released a stylish and wearable pair of lace-up sneakers in low-cut and high-cut styles. While the lace-ups fit right into the brand's versatile, no-nonsense style philosophy, they recently unveiled another pair that's even more minimalist and free of frills: the Cotton Canvas Slip-Ons could quickly become your new go-to sneakers! In true Uniqlo fashion, the Japanese brand's take on the lace-free, slip-on sneakers is sleek and understated with no bulk or embellishments. You can cop the pair in two colors: Off White and Navy. You can get them for just P1,490 each!


Available online; see a list of Uniqlo stores.

10L Mini Refrigerator (P2,700) from Gemini Store

shopping finds

You won't have to head down to the kitchen every time you need a snack break during the day or in the middle of the night—you can use this cool mini fridge from Gemini Store to store your fave drinks and snacks in your room, so you always have easy access to fresh munchies no matter the time of day. The fridge has three layers inside, which gives you lots of space for all your sweet treats and ice-cold beverages. Its temperature can be set all the way down to -3°C in case you need to cool a drink or keep frozen snacks from melting. You can also set the fridge's temperature all the way up to 65°C if you ever need to keep food warm during the colder months of the year.


Available online.

Colour Crate (P355/small; P895/medium) from HAY

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Design Story Website

If you spend a lot of time scrolling through #aesthetic IG feeds or curated Pinterest boards, you’re probably familiar with Denmark-based home store HAY and their popular Colour Crates. Their versatile look and build—which showcase the elegance, simplicity, and practicality of the Nordic design philosophy—lets you store and organize pretty much anything. Plus, the collapsible design lets you easily fold the crate into a more compact size and tuck it away for later use!

Available online.

Luxury Hotel-Inspired Room and Linen Sprays (P199) from Kasa Adoré

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Kasa Adoré

Kasa Adoré offers a variety of room and linen sprays inspired by popular hotels in Manila. Their lineup includes scents that take inspiration from Shangri-La, Sofitel, Marriott, Solaire, Conrad, and Okada. Spritz them all over your room and on your sheets and pillows to give your personal space that opulent touch. Best part? They're only P199 a bottle!

Available on Kasa Adoré's Facebook Shop and Shopee pages.

Collapsible Bowls (P1,450) from Stojo

shopping finds

You know you’re an adult if you get excited about #aesthetic storage food containers like these collapsible bowls from Stojo. The New York-based brand is best known for their collapsible tumblers—you may have seen their recent collaboration with Starbucks—and their food containers offer the same monochromatic design and functionalist philosophy. Each bowl can hold up to 36 ounces of food, which is about four and a half cups—more than enough for that big lunch you're packing for work or the leftover dinner you're storing away for tomorrow. Best of all, the bowls are collapsible, which means when you're done using one—whether at home or out of the house—you can fold it down into a more compact size for easy storage in your bag or kitchen.


Available online.

Green Caviar Skin Perfecting Tint (P790) from Deoproce

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Deoproce

A tinted moisturizer or sunscreen is a great addition to your vanity or beauty kit if you love products that combine the benefits of makeup and skincare—and this Deoproce skin tint is currently our base product of choice. Not only does it moisturize your skin and protect it from harmful UV rays, but it provides a light veil of coverage that makes your complexion look fresher and more even. You’ll love using it for your camera-on video calls at home.

Available online.

Edge Mattress Topper (starts at P2,549.75) from Uratex

Shopping Finds

We here at are all about getting a good night’s sleep. We’ve shown you silky bed sheets, weighted blankets, dotted blankets, ergonomic pillows, comfy pajamas, and more to help you improve your nightly slumber. In case you’re still looking for more items to make your bed as heavenly as possible, Uratex’s Edge Mattress Topper could be just what you need. It’s infused with activated charcoal and anti-static knitted fabric that promise to promote healthy sleeping patterns, prevent electrostatic accumulation, and enhance overall comfort so you can wake up feeling well-rested and energized.

Available online; see a list of Uratex stores and retailers.

The Pahin(g)a Planner (P880) from Looking for Juan

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Looking for Juan

The Pahin(g)a planner from Looking for Juan is all about finding a balance between rest and productivity. Its name combines the Filipino words "pahina" (meaning page) and "pahinga" (meaning to take a breath or rest), encouraging its owner to both fill its empty sheets with plans, thoughts, and ideas while also making time to step away from all the stress and just relax. This planner features a minimalist cover available in nine soothing colors. Inside, you'll find dotted pages with lots of writing space, giving you enough room for all your tasks, notes, reminders, and doodles.


The journal was made in collaboration with psychologist Meg Yarcia and artist Ivan Reverente and it’s filled with sections that center on "making rest a part of everyday life," notes Looking for Juan’s website. You’ll find thoughtful musings, ideas for slowing down, sections for writing about your feelings, and even simple activities to keep you at ease throughout the day scattered across the planner's pages, each coupled with delicate designs and beautiful illustrations to help calm the anxious, overworked mind.

Available online.

Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair (P32,500) from Pottery Barn

shopping finds
PHOTO BY Pottery Barn

Who says a home office needs to look cold and corporate? Pottery Barn's Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair would give WFH setup a rustic, Bohemian-style touch to your work space, so you don’t feel like you’re stuck in an uninspiring lifeless room. Structurally, this chair is no different from most run-of-the-mill office chairs; it sports a backrest, armrests, a swiveling seat, adjustable height, and wheels underneath. But it replaces to usual leather, mesh, or even plastic you would see in most office chairs with a textured, woven seat frame and wooden legs. Metal fixtures are limited to the adjustable pole and wheels, making the chair look as warm and welcoming as possible. To top it all off, it features a cream-colored, canvas-lined cushion to keep your bottom comfy all day long.


Available at Pottery Barn stores in Estancia Mall and Central Square, BGC and on Trunc's website.

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