January Didn't Count: 10 Fun Finds to Add to Cart for Your Real Fresh Start This February

Let's all just pretend January didn't happen.

february shopping finds

(SPOT.ph) So, we’re all in agreement that January sucked, right? Once you’ve shaken off the bad vibes that those 31 unexpectedly erratic days brought about, feel free to join us in proclaiming that February be the real start of 2022. That way, if January got in the way of the so-called "new me" you were envisioning for the New Year, you can take this time to start fresh for real. Rewrite the resolutions you want to achieve, restart the habits you’d like to incorporate into your life, and rethink all the plans that didn’t push through the past month. And while you’re at it, why not celebrate the new month with a serotonin-boosting shopping spree? After all, what better way to kick February off with a bang than by purchasing a new skincare product, an exciting new gadget, or a handy life essential? To help you figure out what to add to cart, here’s our monthly list of fresh finds worth checking out.


Add these 10 cool shopping finds to your cart this February:

Nipple Covers (P299/classic, P349/opaque) from Tapies

nipple covers
PHOTO BY Instagram/wear.tapies

If you’re finally committing to ditching bras for good this 2022—you know you’ve always wanted to—then here’s a great alternative that will keep your girls from, er, poking out minus those uncomfortable hooks and wires: Nipple covers! These handy adhesives stick right onto the skin, giving you coverage on just the center of the breast so you can get that seamless look under your clothes with no fuss. We’re currently loving Tapies’ take on the bra-alternative, which comes in several shades from fair to deep, so you can choose a color to match your skin tone. Go for their Classic covers for a lighter, more relaxed wear with decent coverage or choose the Opaque version for added structure and total coverage.

Available on Lazada.

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Phrases of Marvel Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie (P1,490) from Uniqlo

uniqlo phrases of marvel hoodie

Uniqlo seasonally adds cool new tees and sweaters inspired by pop culture to their UT lineup and they’ve got a Marvel-themed collection hitting the shelves this month. It features T-shirts and hoodies with famous catchphrases and quotes from superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Currently on our wish list is this hooded pullover which sports the phrase "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" on the back—perfect for those who (like us) still haven’t gotten over Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The Uniqlo UT Phrases of Marvel Collection was originally set to release on January 24, but according to Uniqlo Philippines’ website, the line is expected to arrive in late February. It will be available online and at Uniqlo stores nationwide.

Rubber Ducky Slip-On Sneakers (P4,995) from Ducky

ducky shoes

In case you’re in need of a new go-to pair of sneakers for 2022, check out local brand Ducky and their Rubber Ducky slip-ons. The no-frills shoe features a mostly plain design with a solid tone up top and a white rubber sole punctuating its color. The upper is made from waterproof vegan leather, which promises to stay intact even after some accidental spills or splashes and can easily be cleaned with water, rubbing alcohol, and a towel. The shoe also promises comfortable all-day wear thanks to a breathable inner lining and padding for extra support and cushioning. You can get it in several colors from neutrals like off-white, beige, black, brown, and olive as well as stand-out shades like yellow, blue, and red.

Available online.

Coffee Press Dispensing Brewer (P680) from Baritza

baritza coffee press dispensing brewer
PHOTO BY Baritza / Shopee

As fun as home brewing is, it can also be pretty complex—we’re sure you’ve heard your coffee-connoisseur friends drone on about the perfect water temperature, the ideal grind size, and so on. If you’d prefer to keep the process simple, check out Baritza’s nifty Press Brewer. It works similarly to a French press in that you mix hot water and your choice of grounds in a container, but instead of leaving the sediment sitting at the bottom, the brewer separates the finished coffee from the grounds by letting the liquid drip into the lower chamber. All you have to do is press the button up top and watch the magic happen.


Available on Shopee.

Retro Aire Stand Fan (P3,995) from 3D

3d appliances retro aire fan
PHOTO BY Facebook/SMAppliance

In the image-saturated 2020s, anything can be considered #aesthetic, even something as mundane as an electric fan—3D’s vintage-inspired take on the appliance is just one example. Their Retro Aire Stand Fans are as sleek as can be with a slim build that’s available in four pastel shades: Old Rose, Lilac, Celadon Green, and Lemon Cream. They’re perfect to add a touch of color to a minimalist space or to go with your already colorful interiors. Each fan features a four-blade design that provides 90-degree oscillation and has three speed settings. 

Available on Shop SM, SM Appliance Online, and at SM Appliance stores.

Brightening & Soothing Supercharged Serum (P599) from BLK Cosmetics

blk cosmetics
PHOTO BY Courtesy of BLK Cosmetics

Niacinamide (a.k.a. vitamin B3) has become an increasingly popular skincare ingredient in the past few years thanks to its ability to regulate sebum production, brighten the complexion, and reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation. If you’re looking to incorporate the vitamin into your daily beauty routine, you’ll be glad to know BLK Cosmetics just released a new serum with niacinamide being its key ingredient. It’s available locally and retails for just P599, so you won’t have to look far or spend too much to give the ingredient a try.

Available on Shopee.

Boxy XL Tote (P850) from Badass Tote Girl

Badass Tote Girl
PHOTO BY Badass Tote Girl

The Canvas tote bag and all its laid-back charm has gained a cult-following in the last few years thanks to its versatile design and durable, easy-to-wash material. While the carrier is most often loved in its slouchy, ultra-casual form, Badass Tote Girl’s take on the style gives it a more structured look that’s perfect for the office. In place of the usual sack-like build, the tote has a boxy silhouette with a long strap that brings to mind a classic briefcase (minus the bulk and heavy material). You can get the bag in four stylish colors, but we’ll always be partial to the classic canvas cream.


Available online.

Pure Air Portable UV-C Purifier (P5,990) from Momax

Momax portable air purifier

Air purifiers are made to rid the surrounding air of bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other small particles that may irritate the nose—which is why those with chronic allergies often swear by them. If you’ve been meaning to invest in the device for your personal space—whether to get rid of allergy triggers or just to keep your home extra clean—check out this portable purifier from Momax. It uses a HEPA and activated carbon filter to absorb suspended particles, dust mites, and odors, giving any space up to 10 square meters that fresh-air feel. It also has a UV-C disinfection lamp for killing surrounding bacteria. Plus, its wireless operation means you can easily move the purifier from room to room. The 10,000 mAh battery promises to operate for up to 15 hours, so you can leave it on throughout the day or while you’re sleeping.


Available on Digital Walker’s website.

M1 Pocket Cinema Projector (P12,999) from ViewSonic

Viewsonic m1 projector
PHOTO BY Viewsonic

We miss movie theaters as much as the next guy, but these days, they’re not exactly the safest option. Hey, that doesn’t mean you have to totally say goodbye to the cinematic viewing experience. ViewSonic’s M1 projector lets you elevate your at-home movie marathon by projecting the videos on your computer or smartphone onto any wall. Its metal stand makes it easy to adjust the projector to the perfect viewing angle without sacrificing stability on the floor or table—it can swivel at 360 degrees, so you can even choose to project onto the ceiling if you want to watch while lying down flat. Plus, the device comes with a remote control for easy settings adjustments and is built with Harman/Kardon speakers so you get high-quality, too.

Available on Lazada.

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Seamless Adjustable Tank Top (P249.75) from Bench

Bench adjustable seamless tank top black

There are an endless number of basic tank tops available online and in stores, but they’re not all created equal. Bench’s Seamless Adjustable Tank Top, however, we could wax poetic about—and we have. The seam-free design has almost no visible stitching or hemming on the exterior so you get a polished, no-frills look every time you wear it. Its compression-like fit and stretchy material work to flatter the form and prevent any sagging or bulging. The tank's material clings to your skin almost like a swimsuit, giving you that same stable fit you might get out of a bodysuit—minus the part where you have to clip it under your crotch—making it perfect for tucking into both high-waisted and low-waisted bottoms.

Available on Lazada and Shopee.

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