10 Nifty Little Things That Might Actually Make You Switch To a Tiny Bag

Small doesn't always mean useless.


(SPOT.ph) Raise your hand if you can't live the house without lugging your entire house with you. Now raise your hand if you've attempted to leave the house with a tiny bag but ended up regretting it. We totally get it, there are just so many things that could go wrong and we like being prepared for anything and everything. But that doesn't mean that we need to lug around heavy arm candy and potentially strain our backs. In an ideal world, we can pack smart. What do we mean by that? Well, we're here to help with your bag sitch by pointing you to the smol-est and cutest but useful—emphasis—items you can shop. Say goodbye to heavy carriers and hello to a lighter payload.

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These nifty products can actually fit inside your small bag:

Keychain Wipes (P69) from Adam Esli 

keychain wipes from adam esli

No one likes cleaning up a mess but when the need arises, don't we always scramble to look for something to use? For a change, you might want to grab yourself a tin or two of these keychain wipes from Adam Esli which you can easily pop into your tiny bag or hang on its strap. You no longer need to worry about messy cleanups next time.

Available online.

Pim Saen Balm Oil (P100) from Poy-Sian 

balm oil from poy san
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Titas, rejoice! We know how much you love your ointments and we have something that you can easily bring to events. Stash this 3-ml bottle from Poy-Sian in your evening bag and you wouldn't need to worry about not having your menthol with you in case someone strikes your ire at a dinner party.

Available on BeautyMNL.

Tide To Go Stain Pen Remover (P187) from Tide 

stain remover from tide
PHOTO BY Website/Tide

Although probably the largest if not the longest item on this list, this one's a no-brainer. Having a stain remover is crucial for clumsy Spotters that can't seem to avoid spilling something on their clothing. Simply press onto the stain, dispense the liquid and "erase" it away. Be warned though that this is a temporary fix, any leftover stains must be washed off properly during laundry.

Available online.

Creme de Menthe Mouthwash Tabs (P595) from LUSH 

mouthwash tabs from lush
PHOTO BY Website/Lush Philippines

No one likes having garlic breath after munching on too much garlic bread during a date. Save yourself the embarrassment and pack a piece or two, or three, of these mouthwash tabs from LUSH. Simply pop them into your mouth, take a sip of water, let it fizz and do its thing then spit back out.

Available online; see a list of LUSH branches.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Deluxe Mini (P650) from Estee Lauder 

mini lipstick from estee lauder
PHOTO BY Website/Estee Lauder

Lipsticks or any lip product are a commonplace item in a woman's purse but it tends to take up a lot of space especially if you have one or more tubes (we do want options in our life, after all). Instead of packing your full-sized lippies, why not pick a mini or deluxe-sized version of your fave? Estee Lauder has a variety of popular shades in a mini form that you might want to try.


Available online

Pocket Straw (starts at P690) from ZOKU 

pocket straw from zoku
PHOTO BY Website/Zoku

While establishments with a no single-use plastic rule are always a good thing, there are certain drinks that we can't help but not wish we had a straw. You know how good it feels to swirl a straw around your iced coffee, right? Exactly our point. While there are a plethora of options when it comes to reusable straws, this pocket straw from ZOKU hits all the marks on our checklist: It is foldable, it has a carrying case, and it has a silicone-covered edge covering the steel for those that love to bite into straws.

Available online.

Nail File Mirror (P700) from Orbitkey 

nail file mirror from orbitkey
PHOTO BY Website/Urban Traveller & Co.

We love a good multi-functional tool and this one, in particular, caters to the ladies. No one likes a smeared lipstick or a broken nail after all. Orbitkey's Nail File Mirror is actually an added accessory that you can slip onto other Orbitkey products but can also be used as an individual item. Plus, it doesn't really take up much space in your bag.

Available online; see a list of Urban Traveller & Co. branches.

Personal Safety Alarm (P999) from Bella 

safety alarm from bella
PHOTO BY Website/Bella

The streets aren't as safe as they used to be so we totally understand if you're apprehensive about stepping out of your house. But with the world slowly but slowly going back to some semblance of normal, we have to face the inevitable. If you're looking for something to add to your purse that'll give you a sense of safety, this personal alarm from local brand Bella is your new best friend. The device emits a sound up to 130 dB when activated giving you enough time to attract attention to you and your attacker.


Available online.

Nano II 30W Power Brick (P1,695) from Anker 

power brick from anker
PHOTO BY Website/Anker

Ah yes, the struggle of having a dying phone battery, we've all been there. We've come to a point where packing a power bank or two in our everyday carry is the norm but what if there's a power brick that's compact but powerful? Enter Anker's Nano II 30W power brick that is roughly the same size as an iPhone power brick but has way much more charging juice in its tiny form. Just be sure you won't forget your charging cable when you do include this in your purse. 

Available online; see a list of Anker retailers.

Rango Leather Miniwallet (P4,750) from Secrid 

miniwallet from secrid
PHOTO BY Website/Urban Traveller & Co.

One of the hardest challenges of using a tiny bag is having to fit your wallet into it. Ladies, in general, tend to have big, chunky wallets that basically house all of their bills, countless cards, and receipts that are so faded we wonder why they're still in them. For your tiny purse, swap out the big wallet for a sleek card holder like this one from Secrid. It comes in different colors so you can easily spot it inside your bag, plus it has an aluminum card case that's RFID safe. And if you're worried about where to stash your cash, this particular model has a small slot inside that will let you do so. 

Available online; see a list of Urban Traveller & Co. branches.

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