Escape the Real World (and Zombies) in This Kingdom-Themed Online Escape Room

BRB, channeling our inner Ashin.

Smart, Netflix, Mystery Manila: Escape From Dongnae
PHOTO Courtesy of Smart Communications, Inc.

( You're most likely done watching Kingdom: Ashin of the North on Netflix, and while some questions on Ashin's origins and the resurrection plant were kind of answered, we wouldn't be surprised if the special episode only made you more excited for more juicy revelations and more zombie encounters in the third season.

If you want more zombie action while you wait for Season 3, here's a way you can get just that, Kingdom-style: Smart Signature and Netflix in partnership with Mystery Manila team up for a themed virtual escape room that's set in the hit Korean show's world, dubbed Escape From Dongnae. This one-player virtual escape-room game will put you smack in the middle of unnatural plagues, political conspiracies, and more. And who said things like these only happen in K-Dramas?