Weekend Guide: What to Watch, Eat, Read + More

Plus shopping suggestions and a museum to visit online!


(SPOT.ph) Having been cooped up in our homes for months, the mental or physical exhaustion makes it tempting to just sleep the weekend away and recharge for the following week. But what better way to reset your mind than by doing things you'll enjoy? Here, we recommend what to watch, listen to, eat, and drink, as well as things to check out and get started on to make the most of the weekend.

A few of our recommendations for a worthwhile weekend:

Read a story about planning a wedding with goat sacrifice

PHOTO BY Penguin Random House

A mix of quirky and downright strange, Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory (P576 at Fully Booked Online) is filled with short stories that are unlike any you’ve read before. (Not so surprising, considering the author is the creator of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.) There’s a couple who’s planning their wedding and getting all sorts of unsolicited advice about how many goats to sacrifice; there’s a scientist who’s invented a door that opens into an alternate universe—each story is unique, fresh, and also somehow heartwarming.

Try cold brew tea

PHOTO BY Facebook/Loose Brews Craft Teas
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Have refreshing afternoon tea with Loose Brews Craft Teas' collection of Cold Brew Tea. Their offerings are made with their handcrafted loose-leaf tea blends and sweetened with Stevia—yup, no sugar here. We're eyeing their Chocolate Rose Cold Brew (P130), which comes with black tea, roses, cacao, and strawberries but for those who miss cocktails, the Gin & Tonic Cold Brew (P130) sounds like a good option: it's an alcohol-free, cocktail-inspired blend of green tea, coriander, juniper, cucumber, rosemary, and cardamom. To order, send a message to Loose Brews on Facebook or Instagram at least a day in advance (they're made fresh upon order!). They accept payments made via BDO, Paypal, or cash on delivery.


Dip your toes into a Thai drama

Can't commit to a new series? Give anthologies a try. Thai series Girl from Nowhere is a supernatural horror thriller series that follows Nanno (Kitty Chicha Amatayakul), an enigmatic girl who frequently transfers schools and ends up exposing the deep-seated issues plaguing the people around her. It's not for the faint-hearted: The show depicts cases of bullying, physical and sexual abuse, among others, and are reportedly based on real-life stories. The first episode sets the tone of the anthology with its Black Mirror-ish vibe, but we think it's "Trophy" and "Hi So" that might struck a chord with most viewers.

Tune in to your feelings with this podcast

Licensed clinical psychologist and sleep researcher Dr. Jade Wu takes us through psychology in an entertaining, relatable light in her podcast, The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health. As the title implies, her podcasts provide useful tips on how to handle the emotions we feel (she has an episode that discusses why it's okay—and—useful to be angry, as well as explainers on personalities, attachment styles, and more) and how to cope in different settings and scenarios. Plus, since Dr. Wu is a sleep specialist, you can get tips on better sleep from some of the episodes.

Try a new dish with a familiar taste


You might know or have heard good things about Italian restaurant Cibo's Spinaci Zola, a.k.a. their earthy and addicting spinach dip. If you're after something more filling, here's some good news: Cibo starts serving the Spinach Dip Lasagna today, August 8, a special treat to celebrate for their 23rd anniversary.  Give their hotline a ring at 8891-1111 to place an order.

Organize your space in style

PHOTO BY furniture source philippines

We wouldn't be surprised if you've been Marie Kondo-ing your space while in quarantine, especially considering we spend a lot of time at home now. Well, allow us to save you some clicks with this cool storage find: the IKEA Raskog trolley in Gray Green (P3,290), available at Furniture Source. You can place this in your room for your personal belongings or place it in between the living and dining area for an instant coffee nook. The best part? It comes with wheels, so you can move things around as you please!


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Watch an indie short 

Cinemalaya 2020 is online, and you can catch the films via Vimeo On Demand this weekend! Janina Gacosta and Cheska Marfori’s short film Ang Gasgas na Plaka ni Lolo Bert, one of the early standouts, is about Lolo Bert (Dido dela Paz), a music-loving man in his 60s who’s been living with HIV. It was one of the films featured at the 15th Cinema One Originals film festival.

Transport yourself to Tokyo through food

PHOTO BY Sonny Thakur / Courtesy of Mecha Uma

Looking to treat yourself this weekend? Mecha Uma’s indulgent bentos are the way to go. They were designed to be “a playful and condensed” version of the restaurant’s approach to cooking, says Chef Bruce Ricketts, and perfect for when you’re missing the experience of dining there. The Premium Chirashi (P2,500) has a jaw-dropping selection of fresh sashimi including aged toro—you’ll feel as if you were sitting at Tsukiji Market. Check out the rest of the menu and details on how to order.  


Get some genius inspiration


Whether you’re working from home or just getting around to finally sprucing up and organizing your desk, you’ll want to find things that aren’t only functional but have some personality, too. Well, we stumbled upon this ceramic pen holder (P450, available at Quirks) that’s in the shape of Albert Einstein’s head—with that very well-known tongue-sticking-out expression on his face, of course. Can’t you just imagine yourself getting a burst of inspiration from that quirky mug whenever you find yourself stumped for ideas?

Explore the fascinating history behind a famous museum

PHOTO BY Unsplash / Armand Khoury

Musée d’Orsay’s collection of Impressionist paintings is one of the world’s best, but the museum itself has a fascinating story all its own. Google Arts & Culture's online exhibit traces its history from Victor Laloux’s groundbreaking Beaux-Arts train station, to an obsolete structure no one quite knew what to do with, to one of today’s most well-known art destinations.

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