Mikhail Red Is Set to Direct the Third Season of HBO's Halfworlds

It will star Bianca Umali.

(SPOTph) Picture this: You're a kid again, expressing doubt over the existence of distinctly Filipino creatures of fear like the aswang, the kapre, and even the manananggal. Now you might have acted brave in daylight, but once night falls, you entertain the possibility of their existence. Philippine culture is rich with such characters, and the third season of the HBO Asia series Halfworlds lands in the gun-stricken streets of Manila and focuses on engkantos who coexist freely with humans. It's the first HBO Asia series to be filmed entirely in the Philippines and Mikhail Red is set to direct season 3.

All seasons of Halfworlds follow the daily operations of mythical beings who live amongst humans, and form an underground society to conceal their identity from mortals. Red will be at the helm while Bianca Umali and Sam Concepcion star in season 3. Filming starts in the Philippines in January 2020 and introduces Alex, a half-human and half-engkanto seeking out a plant that can quash the engkantos' hunger for human flesh.


The series is the longest running original from HBO Asia. Season 1 was shot in Indonesia while season 2 was shot in Thailand, with each season focusing on the country's lore, culture, environment, and cast. The third season is produced in partnership with Cignal TV and will see casts from previous seasons returning.

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