Post-Darna, Liza Soberano Says Alexandra Trese Is Her Chance to Play a Superhero

Soberano was once slated to play the Filipina superhero for a movie adaptation.

Liza Soberano as Alexandra Trese
PHOTO Courtesy of Netflix

( Remember in 2019 when we were all hyped to see Liza Soberano portray badass hero Darna for an ABS-CBN movie adaptation but she eventually had to back out for medical reasons? We know the wounds are still pretty fresh, especially for Soberano who arguably received the shortest end of the stick (Read: missing out on an epic oppportunity and having a literal medical injury to deal with). Well, it looks like a redemption arc has begun!

Soberano is now the voice of a new hero, Alexandra Trese. The mysterious detective from Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's massive graphic novel series lands on Netflix via an animated adaptation on June 11—and the new role is important to Soberano for more reasons than you probably realize.

Liza Soberano on the Connection Between Alexandra Trese and Darna

"I'va always wanted to play someone that is a superhero," Soberano tells during a roundtable. "Unfortunately I didn't get to push through before with Darna so when this was offered to me, I was like, maybe this is in a way, kind of like a replacement for what I wasn't able to do before."


"This is a new superhero that a lot of Filipinos are going to look up to," the actor says explaining why she was very excited to be given the chance to voice the detective for the Filipino version. "She is a very brave and badass chick and it's very cool to see a female like that."

It was usually male detectives and superheroes that dominated media but now there is "more representation for women."

Alexandra Trese
Alexandra Trese and the deadly twins behind her.
PHOTO BY Netflix / Trese
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And just like how hard she once worked to earn the title of Darna, Soberano also gave it her all to give Alexandra Trese a great voice. "I don't want to fail anybody," particularly the fans of the OG graphic novels. She cheekily adds, "I was just so afraid of the backlash I would be getting from them if I don't do justice to the role."


One of the first things Soberano did to prepare was to practice Filipino for "two weeks straight." She spoke in Tagalog with her family at home and even on phone and Zoom calls. She also had workshop lessons with a voice coach to make sure her voice acting was done right. 

Is a Darna and Trese Crossover Possible?

Folks who haven't read the graphic novels, beware of spoilers! There could be a chance for Mars Ravelo's hero to pop up in the animated series if Netflix sticks to the novels religiously. Although never officially named, there is a Darna-like super-powered human that pops up in Trese Case 4: Our Secret Constellation. We can't say much about how it all goes down but just know that the twins are involved. And this totally gives us hope for Soberano to take on another role for the animated series! Looks like we'll just have to wait for the June 11 drop.

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