Get Ready for a Nostalgic Ride in Netflix’s The Adam Project

"The Flamhaffs had a baby" and he's Ryan Reynolds.

( It’s been almost 18 years since we’ve witnessed the magical chemistry between Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in the fantasy romance film 13 Going on 30, which makes the Netflix film The Adam Project the well-loved duo’s reunion movie since 2004. There may not exactly be an unforgettable and ultra-colorful dance number in this one, but we've got something (arguably) even better: Ryan Reynolds. But more on that later!

The significance isn’t lost on both Garner and Ruffalo, with the latter posting a snippet of The Adam Project trailer on his Instagram account. He captioned it with “The Flamhaffs had a baby, a @vancityreynolds look alike. #TheAdamProject”.

Garner and Ruffalo play Ellie and Louis Reed, respectively—parents to Ryan Reynolds’ Adam in this Shawn Levy film. No wishing dust involved here—it’s that Reynolds is a time-traveling pilot and stumbles upon his 12-year-old self (newcomer Walker Scobell) to fix things in his past while saving the future. It also stars Catherine Keener as Maya Sorian and Zoe Saldana as Laura.

Ryan Reynolds finds an equally witty counterpart in Walker Scobell.
PHOTO BY netflix / the adam project

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Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo talk major nostalgia in the Netflix's The Adam Project:

It was easy to get lost in nostalgia during the roundtable interview with Garner and Ruffalo. When asked how much has changed between them since their pairing in 13 Going on 30, they exchanged compliments to each other as if we were witnessing a tender Jenna-Matt moment, nearly two whole decades later.

“I don't feel like you've changed so much… [You’ve] deepened,” Garner says to Ruffalo, to which he responds, “I've gotten older.” But it’s when Ruffalo utters, “You’ve, like, grown...and more beautiful” that Garner exclaims, “Come on, Mark!” It was our cue to double-check that the calendar reads “2022” and not “2004.”

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Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo reunite in The Adam Project.
PHOTO BY netflix / the adam project

We had to stop ourselves from swooning over the Reeds, so we shifted the focus on their present, er, project. “It's amazing. We're completely enthralled with it. You can't get enough time-travel movies,” Ruffalo says about the time-travel concept of the film. He adds, “I mean, when you start looking at quantum physics, it seems to suggest that it's already happened and it's all happening already. All at the same simultaneously. There's no reason to believe that this is not absolutely possible.” And with Ruffalo's other unforgettable role as Bruce Banner, we're pretty sure the actor has some idea as to what he's saying.

To that point, Garner adds how she sees the idea of time travel as “a wish fulfillment—to go back in time or to go forward in time…and to go back in time to fix something, to go back in time and revisit a painful moment and resolve it in real-time. I think it's such a strong wish that it holds; look at how many movies it's held for. It's really beautiful.”


Apart from the dynamic between Garner and Ruffalo, you could also expect lighthearted moments between Reynolds and Scobell. Garner describes the two to be “two peas in a pod”—“and then when you add Mark into the mix, the three of them together...wonderful,” she continues.

The film also explores parent-kid relationships.
PHOTO BY netflix / the adam project

This time-travel adventure also comes with some action sequences. In a separate roundtable interview, Alex Mallari Jr., who plays skilled fighter Christos in the film, talked about his experiences shooting the fight scenes in the movie. “There's a lot of fun working with a stunt team. Because it's really all just playing. Yes, it's a professional job, it's a wonderful career and, you know, put your big-boy pants on, but you get there and it's so much fun to just be around a bunch of creative minds.”

There’s a little bit of everything in The Adam Project—sci-fi, family drama, and action. But at its core is an exploration of relationships and how they’re all connected, and as Ruffalo puts it, “how the past becomes the present.”


The Adam Project starts streaming on Netflix on March 11. Photos courtesy of Netflix.

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