10 Must-Watch Pinoy Boys' Love Series to Warm Your Cold Heart

These are the titles to put on your list.

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(SPOT.ph) Boys’ love continues to be one of the most popular genres in entertainment in the past few years. Also dubbed BL, there’s just something about the mix of sweet romance—not to mention how its surpassed many lines, giving a mainstream avenue to the marginalized—that really hits with many audiences. So in the spirit of #LoveWins, we round up some of the best local BL series we’ve come across since 2020. Whether you're an old fan or are looking to check out what the buzz is all about, this list will help you out.

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Pinoy BL series worth putting on your watch-list:

Better Days (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube, Amazon

Better Days is a six-episode tale of childhood friends who worked together to revive their parents’ restaurant with the help of their combined culinary and vlogging skills. Kian (Chesther Chua) and Aron—more fondly addressed as “Monkey” (Benedix Ramos)—play the role of two guys who not only develop their professional skills–but also the fire between them. Sorry, we couldn’t not.


Wheel of Love: Weekend to Remember (2021)

Where to stream: YouTube

This title will take you into the story of the Asuncion brothers: Romeo (John Cortez), Mateo (Sam Cafranca), Miguel (Nico Nicolas), and Markie (Enzo Santiago). Wheel of Love: Weekend to Remember is a rom-com from the same people who created My Extraordinary and In Between. This Filipino drama has eight episodes’ worth of emotional roller-coaster rides. Are the siblings ready to confront their inner demons and come to terms with their hearts’ desires?

Boys’ Lockdown (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube

Boys’ Lockdown directly gets its inspiration from—surprise—the pandemic. With the heightened restrictions and enforced quarantines left and right, two people, Chen Chavez (Alec Kevin) and Key Kalunsod (Ali King) chance upon each other. We know you felt the hit of the enforced separations during the pandemic, so this is bound to get relatability points.

B X J Forever (2021)

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Where to stream: YouTube, Netflix

If you watched Ben X Jim and immensely enjoyed the chemistry, you’re in for a treat because season two was released shortly after. After the eventful ending that rattled the series’ fans, Jim (Jerome Ponce) is now out to seek Ben (Teejay Marquez) while serving as a barista. New friends join them in their journey of rediscovery, more challenges, friendship, and love. Still directed by Easy Ferrer, this eight-episode title is sure to tug at your heartstrings and intensify your love for Pinoy BL series.

My Extraordinary (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube

Shakespeare de Villa (Darwin Yu) and Ken Hernandez (Enzo Santiago) are basketball brawl rivals who eventually become lovers, yup, it’s the rivals-turned-lovers trope complete with all the tension needed to get past misunderstandings. Their deepening relationship goes through a test when Ken’s friend, Sandee (Karissa Toliongco), tells his conservative mom about the intimate affair. Even more tension builds up from there and threatens to explode into an irreversible conflict. My Extraordinary is a pandemic-born series written by Vincent De Jesus.


Love Beneath the Stars (2021)

Where to stream: YouTube, IWantTFC

Romantic love in an all-boys school? Maybe—if you want to have the “call parent” warning and all the eyes fixed on you and your partner. This is just one of the roadblocks that Luke (Keann Johnson) and Dominic (Adrian Lindayag) face in order to see their love through after one fateful kiss. Love Beneath the Stars is the sequel to The Boy Foretold by the Stars, a Pinoy BL series written and directed by Dolly Dulu.

Stuck on You (2021)

Where to stream: YouTube

Raise your hands if you’ve ever gotten a fling thanks to online dating. Keeping mum? We get you. This title follows two boys, Reb alias @trueloveskiss (Iyo Canlas) and JM alias @alt.media (Yves Flores), who end up crossing paths via this route. What was supposedly an unattached encounter of two completely opposite people turns into something deeper—thanks to the fact they ended up in a two-week quarantine.


Quaranthings (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube, Upstream

Another series inspired by the nationwide restrictions, Quaranthings is the story of two housemates left to their own devices. The story starts to unfold when two of their companions go home to avoid being indefinitely away from their hometowns while on community quarantine. The catch is that Rocky (Royce Cabrera) and Judah (Kyo Quijano) have never had a real conversation, not even since day one.

Happenstance (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube

If you want some touch of fantasy but also a sliver of BL to go with that, Happenstance is a good choice. It’s a story of two guys from different periods. Jose Manuel from 1974 (Jovani Manansala) is the son of a military man who was grounded after his father discovered he was having an affair with a male activist. Meanwhile, Wade from 2020 (Kiko Ipapo) is currently trying to mend his broken heart after a breakup with his then-boyfriend. Mystic events bridge the two, in time and yup, in heart.


Oh, Mando! (2020)

Where to stream: YouTube

Mando (Kokoy de Santos) is shy but out and he’s into another openly gay basketball star named Barry (Alex Diaz). He’s all that Mando could ever want—only he has a boyfriend. Hurt and dejected, he tries to move on by being with Krisha (Barbie Imperial), a liberated schoolmate. Everything is fine and dandy until Barry steps into Mando’s life once more. 

Can’t find a show that tickles your curiosity? Browse some of the other movies and series from other genres and see if there’s something else you’d like.

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