Disturbing Documentary Alert: New Netflix Title Follows Nurse Who Murdered Dozens of Patients

Capturing the Killer Nurse Netflix
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(SPOT.ph) Distrust of people in power can be traced back even as early as the first century, with the well-known Latin phrase "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (or more popularly known as "Who will guard the guards themselves?" and "Who watches the watchmen?"). While more commonly associated with authority figures like politicians and the police, one would be amiss not to keep a scrutinous watch on doctors and health workers as well. After all, have you ever wondered, who keeps in check the people you're supposed to trust with your life?

That's a question the new Netflix documentary Capturing the Killer Nurse explores in its investigation of Charles Cullen, a "serial killer nurse" who murdered via lethal injection dozens of patients at the hospitals he had worked at. If you thought the Our Father doctor fiasco was messed up, this story may make you too frightened to visit even the hospital.


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Breaking Down Capturing the Killer Nurse on Netflix Philippines:

Capturing the Killer Nurse is now streaming on Netflix PH. The 94-minute documentary covers the investigation that followed a series of mysterious deaths concerning patients seemingly in recovery at Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey. The investigations into each of the deaths eventually led back to Charles Cullen, a critical care nurse others described as more knowledgeable in the field of medication than the other nurses.

On top of medical homicides being tough to prove, the hospitals involved also allegedly refused to surrender the entirety of the information relevant to the investigation. According to interviewees featured in the documentary, it was the authorities' opinion that the hospitals were covering up the murders in order to avoid being sued and word-of-mouth surrounding their hospital to grow sour.

One hospital's staff member even claimed that the hospital's heads were more concerned about how the investigation affected the construction of their new campus building than with whether or not the investigation was rightfully resolved. This was perhaps why none of the prior investigations into Cullen panned out.

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However, the investigators featured in Capturing the Killer Nurse were finally able to bring the hammer down on Cullen and his abhorrent deeds. Cullen was eventually convicted of murdering 29 patients, even if he admitted to killing 40 and experts believe he actually murdered over 400 people.

"He had murdered some of the most vulnerable people. They were tied down, medicated, unable to protect themselves," Cullen's co-nurse, who assisted in his arrest, stated. In some instances, it was even believed that he made his victims paralyzed up until the moment of their death.

This all leads to a truly heartbreaking ending wherein the victim's loved ones talk about the lives Cullen took. It'll lead you to question what is truly an unexplainable act from a professional responsible for preserving life.

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Capturing the Killer Nurse is now streaming on Netflix Philippines.


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