10 Exciting Titles Coming to Netflix This November

New on Netflix November 2022
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(SPOT.ph) That’s right, we’ve hit November. Only two whole months before the year draws to a close, but who’s counting, really? As we kick off the transitional season of dropping spooky decorations and picking up gift wrapping paper—lots and lots of wrapping paper—we do approach the holiday season with the knowledge that it’s about to get busy in the city. While everyone’s out shopping, meeting up with loved ones, and causing great amounts of traffic, why not be the smart yuletide ranger this year and stay at home to binge watch titles on streaming?

Netflix, in particular, is known to drop their crème de la crème during the winter season. This year, not only are we getting hotly awaited follow-ups to Enola Holmes and The Crown, but some minty fresh content in the form of a new Addams Family adaptation from Tim Burton and another mystery thriller from the creators of Dark. Below, we break down all the exciting titles to look forward to on the platform this November.


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Put these 10 Netflix series and films on your watch-list for November 2022:

Wednesday (Series)

Release date: Wednesday, November 23

If you thought the season of the supernatural was over, think again. This month, legendary fantasy director Tim Burton returns to the undead with Wednesday, an eight-episode series centered on the Addams Family character. Burton will direct the first four episodes of the series that has 2022 scream queen Jenna Ortega starring as the goth girl icon and our mother Catherine Zeta-Jones appearing as Morticia Addams. Oh, Fred Armisen, Luis Guzmán, and Lucifer’s Gwendoline Christie also round out the cast of this supernatural comedy-mystery, just in case you were wrongfully sitting on the fence.

Enola Holmes 2 (Movie)

Release date: Friday, November 4

Henry Cavill may be out as Geralt of Riva, but at least he and Millie Bobby Brown are back for another curious case as Sherlock and Enola Holmes in the sequel to the popular 2020 flick. What famous Holmes case is Enola taking on? The Hounds of Baskerville? A Scandal in Bohemia? Well, none, really. The new detective will continue the film series forging her own path, as Enola takes on the mystery of a missing girl. In the age of spoilers proliferating social media, the less we know, the better, right?

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The Fabulous (Series)

Release date: Friday, November 4

Our choice K-Drama of the month goes to The Fabulous, no contest. The eight-episode series will center on four friends attempting to navigate young adulthood, as they do their best to attain their dreams in the fashion industry while balancing healthy social and romantic lives. Sounds like just the right slice of life, “growing pains” comfort drama we need to tune into as we approach the end of the year-with all the resolution ideas we need to plan out, of course. Former Kpop star Choi Min-ho and Strongest Deliveryman actress Chae Soo-bin star in what is described as Netflix Korea’s grand fashion show.

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Slumberland (Movie)

Release date: Friday, November 18


From the director of The Hunger Games movies and Constantine Francis Lawrence, Slumberland is a childhood fantasy adventure flick coming to life just in time for the holidays. The film based off the comic Little Nemo in Slumberland follows a young girl who enlists a horned and fanged up Jason Momoa to help her explore a dreamworld in search of her missing father. No notes here. We, too, often dream of going on an adventure with Momoa.

Blockbuster (Movie)

Release date: Thursday, November 3

Streaming services may have ushered in the end of physical media chains such as Blockbuster, but this month, Netflix is bringing Blockbuster back to life…sort of. This new 10-episode workplace comedy centers on the last surviving Blockbuster outlet and the workers’ grit to keep it alive. With a cast that includes Always Be My Maybe’s Randall Park, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero, and American Vandal’s Tyler Alvarez, here’s hoping this ends up being another The Office comfort title that we can binge repeatedly over the years.


The Crown: Season 5 (Series)

Release date: Wednesday, November 9

The Crown returns with its first season since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. As if that doesn’t immediately put some spice and pressure on the upcoming season already, this season is also seemingly set to dramatize the leadup to the most controversial event in the recent history of the British monarchy: the death of Princess Diana. This is already a day-one-must-watch title for us, but as a cherry on top, we’re also looking forward to the season’s new cast, including Harry Potter’s Imelda Staunton as the Queen, The Two Pope’s Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana.

Falling For Christmas (Movie)

Release date: Thursday, November 10

The rollout of the holly jolly holiday titles begins this month, so get your cozy pajamas ready for long nights of binging. Our most anticipated title is the rom-com Falling For Christmas starring Lindsay Lohan and Glee’s Chord Overstreet (…we’re still unconvinced that’s his real name). Hopefully, with Lohan’s return after over a decade of not doing movies, we’re likewise getting a movie that feels in line with the spirit and quality of rom-coms of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. It’s been too long. It’s all we want for Christmas, honestly.


1899 (Series)

Release date: Thursday, November 17

From the creators of the time-hopping science-fiction thriller Dark comes another mystery that is sure to be just as mind-bending. The German series 1899 has got everything you could want out of a mystery thriller. A period setting… out in the vast eerie ocean… with a group of ill-prepared characters encountering a supernatural, perhaps scientifically perplexing, horror? Watch us binge it all in one sitting.

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The Wonder (Movie)

Release date: Wednesday, November 16

From starring in Louisa May Alcott adaptations and leading Marvel tentpoles to acting across Harry Styles and making extensive cooking tutorials on Instagram Stories, Florence Pugh has proven she’s the It Girl of the 2020’s thus far, so there’s no reason why we should miss out on her next title. Based on the 2016 novel by Emma Donoghue (the author behind Room which led to Brie Larson’s Oscar-winning performance), The Wonder follows a woman from a small Irish village in the late 1800’s that is assigned to take care and observe a young girl who hasn’t eaten in months. All we got to say is that Saoirse Ronan better watch her back. Pugh is coming for that Oscar.


Lookism (Series)

Release date: Friday, November 4

Closing out this list, our anime pick of the month comes in the form of Netflix’s adaptation of the webtoon Lookism. The Netflix anime follows Daniel Park, a high school kid constantly bullied for his overweight and weak physique. Through a twist of fate, Park suddenly gains the body of a tall and muscular man, but only others are able to see this new form of his. The new series not only has the makings of a BL series, but could also pose some interesting questions about how superficial society actually is.

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