The Wildest Moments and Quotes From Twilight, Presented Without Context

Twilight Saga Vampire Baseball
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( Want to feel old? When the vampire fantasy-romance Twilight's movie adaptation dropped in cinemas 14 years ago this month, there was only one Taylor Lautner. Now, there are two of them. Still, some things have remained the same within pop culture. Take the two leads for example; Robert Pattinson is still portraying a bat-man in a billion-dollar franchise and Kristen Stewart is still playing a character in a relationship with a blood-sucking monster.

Sometimes, it's insightful to look back on earlier works of art. Perhaps in doing so, we might glean knowledge about the current landscape of pop culture. This is not one of those times. Today, we look back on Twilight, the memes it spawned, and some of its scenes taken out of context. Just because. 

And if you're wondering, "Bella, where the hell have you been, loca?" We hear you, we hear you. Don't worry, we're just focusing on the 2008 film in this instance. We can unpack New Moon some other time. In the meantime, The Twilight Saga movies are currently streaming on Netflix should you be wanting to get hit with some nostalgia.


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Here are Twilight's most iconic scenes and quotes:

Bella's "scent"

Fellas, ever get so captivated by the scent of your crush's human blood that you have to get up and leave the room?

A vampire as sparkly as diamonds

Here, we have Edward literally describing to Bella how much he wants to kill her and drain her blood, and Bella responding with a simple "I trust you." The blood red flags are right there, girl!

Vampire baseball

A lot has been said about Twilight's vampire baseball scene. We'll focus on three words: Supermassive Black Hole. Google it and enjoy.

"Hold on tight, spider-monkey."

Twilight quotes are unintentionally hilarious, aren't they?

"I like watching you sleep."

Nope, they're deranged.

Bella and Edward's first kiss

Twilight Saga Bella Edward First Kiss
PHOTO BY Summit Entertainment
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Especially since the previous quote precedes their award-winning First Kiss moment.

Bella and Edward's prom

Just an 108-year-old vampire attending a high school prom.

The gangsters fight scene

Don't forget; Edward has a sixth "gangster" sense.

Edward stops a van

The driver came straight off the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift set, for real.

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The Twilight Saga movies are currently streaming on Netflix.

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