A Parasite "Graphic Novel" Featuring the Movie's Storyboards Is Coming

Check out Director Bong Joon Ho's own illustrations!

(SPOT.ph) Look, as much as Parasite had everybody glued to their screens, we're sure people it left people with more questions than answers (i.e. "How did they do that flood scene?" and "Is that really what life is like?"). So if you need to know more about why Parasite worked so well—and what it all meant, maybe—then you may want to watch for this upcoming book. Parasite: A Graphic Novel in Storyboards is 304 pages-worth of Director Bong Joon Ho's own drawings; No worries, non-Korean speaking fans, it's all translated to English.


The "graphic novel" is a behind-the-scenes look at how Director Bong Joon Ho brought the story of the Park mansion—and all the families that live/d within—to life on the silver screen. And with four Oscars to boot, it certainly makes you wonder just how it was done.

While the original screenplay and storyboard have been available since 2019 (in Korean, of course), this English translation also comes with a foreword from Bong Joon Ho himself. Film buffs and noobs alike can read "about the making of the film and his creative process," read the Grand Central Publishing statement in a report by Indie Wire

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The book is scheduled to be released on May 19, under U.S.-based Grand Central Publishing. No word yet on whether the hard copies will reach our shores, but you can already pre-order the e-book through Apple Books and Barnes & Noble for U.S. $14.99 (around P760).


Main image courtesy of CJ Entertainment / SPOT.ph Archives

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