In Bad Weather, Is It Okay to Order via Grab or Foodpanda?

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( As Tropical Storm Paeng (Nalgae) kept thousands locked up in their homes during the long weekend, one thought that crossed the minds of Internet-savvy Filipinos (or at least those with WiFi during the storm) is: Is it okay to order delivery during bad weather?

For some, there's a feeling of guilt that comes with the idea of having someone brave heavy rains and strong winds to bring you food (especially if it's just something you're craving).  But then again, deliveries are the bread-and-butter of riders, some of whom are willing to brave floods because they really need to make money badly.

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While the debate on the morality of ordering food delivery during inclement weather can go on and on, the fact remains that there are people who order food during heavy rains and there are riders that deliver these orders.


Asking delivery riders

delivery rider

For food delivery rider Josh Lopez, delivering food during inclement weather is something that he has accepted as part of the job. What irks him however during such situations are rude customers.

"Mahirap na nga po kasi mag-deliver ng pagkain kapag malakas ang ulan tapos sayo pa galit minsan bakit ang tagal na-deliver," the 22-year-old said. "Hindi naman ganun kadali mag-motor kapag malakas na ang ulan talaga."

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Gabriel Pelaez, who works as a food delivery rider to support his studies, also continues to deliver food rain or shine but appealed to customers' for understanding during bad weather.

"Mahal ko po trabaho ko eh kasi malaking bagay siya sa tulad kong working student...Normal po na malate ang deliver at intindihin po ang rider hindi po biro bumiyahe kapag malakas po ang ulan lalo na po kapag malakas ang hangin," he said.


Should you decide to order during typhoon weather, remember that the key is being considerate. We asked delivery riders for tips on how you can be a considerate human when ordering food during bad weather:

Give riders extra time to deliver your order.

When ordering food during inclement weather, give your riders extra time to deliver your meal. Don't expect to receive your chicken wings in the usual 30-minute delivery window since riders are doing their best to safely deliver your food. 

Food delivery apps usually have notices too that order delivery might take longer than usual during inclement weather. This is meant to ensure the safety of delivery riders.

Remember, traversing roads during bad weather is already challenging for cars much more so for delivery riders on motorcycles and bicycles. Be kind to your delivery rider.

Be pleasant when receiving your order.

When the delivery rider arrives at your home, be pleasant when receiving your order. After all, that person braved strong winds, rains, and sometimes floods to get you food in pristine condition.


Greet them with a smile, tip extra, and tell them to keep safe. The least that you could do is be a considerate and pleasant human being. 

Tip extra.

Like any frontliner, delivery riders risk their lives on the roads, especially during bad weather. Be generous in tipping delivery riders, especially during bad weather.

Remember, they risked their safety and well-being to deliver your food. If you can, try to order something for your delivery rider too or give more than the usual tip that you give during sunny days.

If you can order your cravings during bad weather, you can be gracious enough to tip extra.

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Leave a positive review.

Reviews are riders' best friends along with tips. Your comments help riders secure orders.

So if your order took more time to get to your door during bad weather, don't leave a negative review. As some people would say, cut your riders some slack. 


They went out to the streets to work despite bad weather conditions even as people stayed home. The least that you could do is be considerate during these times.

So if your bowl of ramen isn't as warm as you'd like it to be, or there's no ketchup with your fries, suck it up and be thankful that someone accepted to bring you food when you couldn't go out to buy it yourself.

Rethink ordering during extreme weather conditions.

When ordering food during inclement weather, choose your moment wisely. Try to time your order so that the delivery rider doesn't have to bear the worst of weather conditions on the road.

Check weather updates and rethink ordering during extreme weather conditions such as when flood waters have become unbearable or when strong winds are already breaking off tree branches.

Be a decent human being and consider the safety of riders. Remember that they're like you too: people who are making a living.

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