10 Face Sunscreens You Can Get Delivered

PSA: You need to wear sunscreen even when you're indoors!


(SPOT.ph) While beach trips and tropical vacations are no longer on anyone’s agenda this 2020, summer in Manila is still very much ablaze and temperatures are noticeably skyrocketing. While you probably spend the majority of your time indoors these days, make sure you’re still getting proper sun protection. Trust us, daily SPF application will improve your skin’s overall health and have long-term effects on its appearance. Below, we round up 10 facial sunscreens you can shop and get delivered while in quarantine, so you can protect your skin from the sun's rays daily even at home.

In case you’re confused about all those weird terms on your sunblock, here’s a quick rundown: Sunscreen is meant to protect you from ultraviolet rays. There are three kinds: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA rays are responsible for skin-aging—and beware, they can penetrate through windows, which is why it’s important to apply sunscreen even when you’re staying indoors. UVB rays, on the other hand, are the rays that cause your skin to burn but cannot penetrate glass. In case you spend lots of time in your garden, balcony, or perhaps jogging around the area near your home, you’re susceptible to sunburns caused by UVB rays. Finally, UVC rays are the most damaging type of radiation. The Ozone layer is meant to protect us from them, but... well, you know. 


The number you see on sunscreen represents its sun protection factor or SPF, which protects the skin from the burning caused by UVB rays. The term "PA+" indicates the protection grade against the UVA rays, which means the more plus signs you see, the higher protection you get from skin-aging. If you see the term “broad spectrum,” it means the sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Take note of these terms and choose between the available sunscreens accordingly. In case you need a final reminder: don’t forget to wear sunscreen today!

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Protect your skin this summer! You can get these face sunscreens delivered to your home during quarantine in Metro Manila:

Aloe Soothing Sun Cream (P690) from COSRX


This facial sunscreen from COSRX contains aloe vera, which will keep your skin cooled and soothed under the sun—perfect if your skin tends to get red easily under the scorching heat. It has SPF 50 and blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it’ll keep your skin moisturized without leaving a greasy texture.


Available on Beauty Bar's online store and Lazada.

Natural Sun No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream (P995) from The Face Shop

PHOTO BY The Face Shop

Good news, K-Beauty loyalists: The Face Shop delivers! If you’re looking for a sun block to wear daily, you might want to try their lightweight sun cream. It contains SPF 50 and PA+, which protects your skin from premature aging caused by sun exposure. It also promises not to leave a white cast, so it’s great to wear even on days when you don’t have makeup on.

Available for delivery through The Face Shop’s online order form.

Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 (P1,200) from Dear, Klairs

PHOTO BY Dear, Klairs

This water-based face sunblock from Dear, Klairs is formulated for sensitive skin—a viable option if you still haven’t found a daytime moisturizer that works for your easily irritated skin. The mild, gel-type formula has SPF 50 and protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays without feeling heavy or clogging your pores.

Available on `.

Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 PA++ (P1,695) from The Body Shop

PHOTO BY The Body Shop

For those who need quick and easy application, this face mist from The Body Shop, which contains SPF 30, could be your new go-to. It promises protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as pollution particles—perfect if you run errands for your household or spend a lot of time outdoors. Simply spray it all over your face in the morning and you’re left with a comfortable, lightweight, and invisible layer of sun protection.


Available on Shop SM.

Super Screen Sun Gel (P499) from Face Republic

PHOTO BY Face Republic

In case you were unaware, this cult-favorite gel sunscreen from Face Republic is available for delivery! Many beauty junkies swear by this lightweight product—it has contains SPF 50, which protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it leaves you feeling hydrated and refreshed without a sticky residue. While it's recommended for all skin types, but those with oily skin who still haven’t found the right sunscreen may be especially interested in this product.

Available on Shop SM.

SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen (prices start at P299.75) from Human Nature

PHOTO BY Human Nature

You just need a pea-sized amount of this sunblock from Human Nature to spread all over your face for sun protection. As with the local brand’s other popular products, it’s made with many natural ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax to soothe and nourish the skin and leave it feeling smooth and buttery soft. For those with dry skin who struggle with rough patches, this could be your new holy grail.

Available on Human Nature’s online store.

Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector (P2,100) from Clinique

PHOTO BY Clinique

This oil-free face sunscreen from Clinique promises sheer, weightless application. It contains SPF 40 and protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Plus, the mild formula can be used for sensitive skin, too. It can also be used as a makeup primer—it’ll keep your skin safe from sun and environmental damage even while you’re rocking a full face.


Available on the Rustan’s online store.

Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen (P825) from Derma-E


This sunscreen from Derma-E contains SPF 30 and has broad spectrum protection. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula also contains antioxidants as well as vitamin C and green tea to boost anti-aging properties, brighten the skin, and stimulate damage repair.

Available on Healthy Options’ online store.

UV Perfect Milk (P455) from Bioré


Japanese skincare brand Bioré is particularly popular for their sun protection products, which are effective without feeling heavy or sticky and can be worn under makeup. If you haven’t given their products a try, their UV Perfect Milk sunblock is available online and can be delivered to your home. It has a water-resistant, SPF 50+ PA++++ formula that leaves skin smooth, silky, and shine-free.

Available on BeautyMNL.

Sun Care Facial Moisturizer (P150) from Celeteque

PHOTO BY Celeteque

If you’re looking for an ultra-affordable option, local brand Céleteque makes a daytime moisturizer formulated with SPF 15 and UVA and UVB protection. The mild, lightly scented formula can be used for a variety of skin types and absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it moisturized but not greasy. You can cop the product for just P150!

Available on Lazada

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