10 Face Masks You Can Buy From Brands That Give Back

You'll be supporting livelihoods when you buy these masks.

PHOTO BY maison metisse / PROJECT BUSAL

(SPOT.ph) By now, you probably have a few reusable face masks in rotation. In case you’re starting to feel guilty about hoarding cute face masks, don’t—there are a number of face masks you can shop that also help out a good cause! From supporting different communities of local weavers to donating masks to those who need it, there are a lot of places that sell face masks and give back. Not sure where to look? We did the searching for you! 

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Check out where you can shop face masks for a good cause:

ONELIFES7RONG Face Mask Set (P500/set of two) from Onelife Studio

PHOTO BY onelife studio

Our number-one Pilates studio in Metro Manila turned seven years old in May. Onelife Studio has been closed since the beginning of quarantine, but that hasn’t stopped them from celebrating the milestone. They’ve commissioned local artist Lala Jara-Tuazon to create two gorgeous designs for washable face masks. For each face mask set purchased, Onelife Studio will donate a mask to an underprivileged frontliner like cashiers, servers, drivers, and more.  

Available online. 

Statement Masks (P220/set of two) from Project Busal

PHOTO BY project busal
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Project Busal teamed up with Project SOW (Solidarity of Orphans and Widows)—a community of people whose families or relatives were victims of extrajudicial killings. Their face masks feature statements that let you take a stand on national issues like the Anti-Terrorism Law and press freedom, creating a new avenue for people to voice out opinions while adhering to quarantine guidelines. If you purchase a set of face masks, you'll be helping Project Busal provide masks for communities that need it. Apart from that, 20% of the proceeds will go to Free Legal Assistance Group—a nationwide organization of human rights lawyers that offer pro bono services.


Available online. 

Face Mask (P250/set of three) from Protectivity Together

PHOTO BY protectivity together

Protectivity Together’s face masks come in a variety of colors and prints. Each mask is made from upcycled materials, so they make a great option for those looking for something sustainable. For every face mask set purchased, they will be donating a mask to the Payatas community, so you’re helping out the underprivileged, too.

Available online.

Good Morning Abaca Face Mask (P250) from Rada Collab

PHOTO BY rada collab

Rada Collab has teamed up with local artist Vanilla Arucan for a limited-edition Good Morning Face Mask inspired by the very towel every Filipino has seen—the Good Morning Towel. It's made from the same abaca material Rada Collab uses for their 7xB Abaca Face Masks, which is said to be "seven times better than the normal cloth face mask when it comes to filtration and protection," based on a test done by the Department of Science and Technology. For every mask purchased, P50 will be donated to the artist’s chosen beneficiary, and you’re also helping a community of 350 local artisans in Salay, Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. 

Available online.

Reversible Face Masks (P80/each) from Fab Manila

PHOTO BY fab manila

Fab Manila has a variety of reversible face masks that come in the prettiest prints. Though non-medical grade, the three-ply face masks feature a microfiber material that repels water and fluids. Each mask even has a slit in the middle layer so you can insert additional filters. With every purchase, you’re helping Fab Manila’s partner sewers and their families get by through these challenging times.


Available online.

More from spot

Masigla Masks from Ligayang Lumikha

PHOTO BY ligayang lumikha

For face masks that showcase Philippine culture, Ligayang Lumikha has hand-woven masks by local artisans from their partner communities in Kalinga, Isabela, and Benguet. Each face mask purchase supports the livelihood of their partner weavers.

Available online. 

Face Masks (P500/set of five) from The Non-Essential Community

PHOTO BY the non-essential  community

The Non-Essential Community has face masks that are lightweight and breathable, making them wearable all day long. They’re also anti-bacterial, water-repellent, and they all fold flat, so you can pack a couple of masks without the bulk in case you want to change mid-day. Every time you buy a set of five, you donate five more to non-medical frontliners like the MRT personnel, security guards, tollway staff, police assigned at checkpoints, PUV/PUJ drivers, and more. 

Available online.

#MASKFORCOMMUNITY (P300) from Maison Metisse

PHOTO BY maison metisse

Maison Metisse’s face masks are made from natural, breathable cotton fabric and are completely hand-sewn at their home atelier. They come in plain colors as well as cool hand-dyed patterns. Each mask features adjustable straps as well as a filter pocket for an extra layer of protection. Part of the proceeds from the face masks goes to food relief organizations who provide meals to frontliners as well as people in poverty.


Available online. 

Washable Face Masks (P35/each) from Candid Clothing

PHOTO BY candid clothing

Filipino brand Candid Clothing—known for their affordable and sustainable fashion pieces made with factory surplus fabric—initially created face masks for personal use using scrap fabric and donated some pieces to healthcare workers and other frontliners. Now, they’re letting shoppers order their reusable face masks to help support their garment makers as well as other displaced workers in Rizal. Each moisture-wicking recycled bamboo cotton mask comes with an inside pocket where you can insert filters for an added layer of protection. One face mask is priced at P35 with a minimum order of 10 pieces. You can also get each mask for only P25 with a minimum order of 100 pieces.

Available online.

Makulay Masks (P1,499/set of four) from Anthill Fabric Gallery

PHOTO BY Anthill Fabric Gallery

Anthill Fabric Gallery is a social and cultural enterprise that works to preserve local weaves by incorporating them into modern fashion pieces. The Makulay Masks feature full weaves in Binakol, Tiniri, and Kantarines. It comes in a set of four and each set comes with two washable filters which you can insert in the masks’ interior filter pockets. Each mask set purchased supports the livelihood of their production partners, so not only will you be promoting Philippine culture, you get to help people in these trying times, too.

Available online.

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