10 YouTube Channels for Getting Started on a New Hobby

From juggling, fingerboarding, to mixing cocktails.

(SPOT.ph) We know, we know. Articles have been telling us to not feel pressured about quarantine-inspired productivity, which cited Isaac Newton's groundbreaking work on calculus and physics while in isolation during the Great Plague of London in 1665. But let's face it, having a lot of time on your hands is the perfect push to get started on a hobby you've been meaning to get into—whether something as trendy as watercolor painting or as niche as fingerboarding.

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Pick up new skills with videos from these YouTube channels:

Andy Guitar

Andy Crowley, who hails from England, offers free guitar lessons for beginners through his YouTube channel Andy Guitar. It's been around since July 2016 and has 1.3 million subscribers to date. Video lessons start from something as basic as strumming to practical instructions on playing a The Beatles or Oasis song. There’s a 10-day starter course, which you can easily access through a playlist, if you have less than two weeks to spare. 

Tech Deck

Fingerboarding, which—like the name says—is "riding" a skateboard with your fingers. It became trendy in the late '90s, but there's no harm in getting into this old-school trick now. You can use any fingerboard, often less than four inches long, but the Tech Deck brand is the most popular maker of these mini skateboards. Tech Deck’s official YouTube channel can also get you started on the basics through their tutorials. You can even find out how to do fingerboarding tricks through their many video clips. 


Studio Knit

When you hear the word "knitting," what usually comes to mind is an old lady cooped up in her house making an ugly Christmas sweater out of balls of yarn. But YouTube channel Studio Knit begs to differ with its cool tutorials for knitting colorful scarves, cute beanie hats, and pillow cases in all sorts of patterns. 

J Perm

Solving a Rubik's cube, at least one that has nine squares on one side, may look easy. But if you want to challenge yourself to complete one in 10 seconds, then you may want to check out the YouTube channel J Perm. It also features tutorials on how to solve a 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Rubik's cube for an extra challenge. 

Recommended Videos


California-based oil painter Brandon Schaefer shares his talent for oil painting, drawing, and watercolor painting through the YouTube channel SchaeferArt. It lays down everything you need to know on your artistic journey, from trying to figure out what to draw to learning how to mix paint for landscapes. 

Knots and Kneedles

Try your hand at embroidery through Knots and Kneedles. This YouTube channel has a number of video clips where you can learn how to do the coil or fly stitch for hand embroidery or a heart pattern using a sewing machine. The channel also features other sewing skills you can check out, such as turning jeans into shorts or capris or making a pillowcase. 

Oscar Owen

In his YouTube channel, Oscar Owen invites you to "learn the art of deception"—magic, of course. He has tutorials on magic tricks for beginners, such as how to make a pen vanish or how to make a coin go through a hard table. For the more advanced magicians, there's a playlist that reveals the process behind the greatest magic tricks, including a card trick that supposedly fooled Winston Churchill. 


U Can Uke

If you want to learn another string instrument aside from guitar, YouTube channel U Can Uke has a tutorial on—well—playing the ukulele. There's a clip for every basic technique: tuning your instrument, chucking the strings, and playing the easiest tunes like "Happy Birthday." If you think you're ready for full songs, just go through the channel and check out tutorials on how to play Harry Styles' "Adore You," Maroon 5's "Memories," and Billie Eilish’s "everything i wanted." 

Niels Duinker

Seven-time Guinness World Record holder Niels Duinker compiles tutorials for beginners who want to try out juggling. There's a whole playlist with 50 videos so you can learn the basics: juggling three balls, tossing juggle clubs, and catching rings. 

The Educated Barfly

These days, it's hard to resist a nice glass of vodka. But if you're looking to level up your drinking, YouTube channel The Educated Barfly can teach you a thing or two about making a fancy cocktail at home. You'll be able to put together a cosmopolitan or Pimm's right from your own kitchen in no time.

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