The Spicebird Folks Opened a Pinoy BBQ Shop And It Serves Up a Glorious Grilled Chicken

You need to try the barbecued pork, too.

( While you'll find barbecued beef, pork, or chicken in many different regions around the world, perhaps none come close to being as close to our hearts (and stomachs) than our own Filipino-style barbecue. it's the kind of food that warrants eating two or more cups of rice—especially when paired with a good sawsawanatsara, and an optional bottle of beer on the side. Here's a new place where you can get your fix: Tabi-Tabi is the newest addition to virtual food hall Off-Grid's lineup, and they specialize in Pinoy barbecue given subtle twists that make it all their own.

Tabi-Tabi grills up meats to charred, smoky perfection. 

Tabi-Tabi's barbecues have the sweet-savory, smoky, and lightly charred profile that you'd associate with Pinoy barbecue, but it's interpreted in a more clean-tasting, rustic, and natural sense—it's got a sweetness that compliments (rather than overpowers) the meat and that doesn't taste artificial. Take your pick between the pork or the chicken barbecue; either way, you get ultra-tender meat that's teeming with flavor from the skin to the bone.


The sides and sauces are no mere afterthought at Tabi-Tabi, either: while the barbecues are certainly flavorful on their own, they especially shine when dipped in Tabi-Tabi's house-made Muscovado-Garlic Sauce, a sweet, tangy, savory condiment that we'd totally slather on anything and everything. The rice ain't just any old rice; it's Garlic Confit Rice that's got a good, garlicky kick. You also get a smoky Monggong may Tinapa and crisp, tart, not-too-sweet Ensaladang Papaya that does the job of cleansing the palate in between spoonfuls of meat.

The barbecued meats are best enjoyed with Tabi-Tabi's signature sides and sauces! 
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For solo orders, you can go for the Pork Barbecue Balot (P295), Chicken Barbecue Balot (P295/quarter, P495/half), or Chicken & One-Piece Pork Barbecue Balot (P370), all of which come with the Garlic Confit Rice, Monggong may Tinapa, and Muscovado-Garlic Sauce. Prefer to share? You can get the Pork Barbecue 10's (P850) or 20's (P1,695), or the Whole Chicken Barbecue (P795).


Tabi-Tabi comes to us by way of the the Sunny Side Group, a.k.a. the folks behind Sunny Side Cafe, plus fellow grilled-meat joints Spicebird and Please, Senpai. "We’ve always wanted to do a Filipino concept, and when we were thinking of other comfort food we can do during this time, we thought of something quintessentially comforting which is Pinoy barbecue," says the Sunny Side Group's proprietor Nowie Potenciano. "But like with everything else that we do, we wanted to make our own stamp on it. [Executive] Chef Natalia [Moran] is an expert on doing this as she has done with Spicebird and Please, Senpai, so it felt like a natural progression."

Drooling yet? You can get a taste of these dishes through Off-Grid: simply call 0917-703-0729 or send a message to Off-Grid on Facebook or Instagram. Tabi-Tabi is open exclusively for delivery.

If you're hankering for a Filipino dessert to go with your barbecue feast, why not try bibingka? Some of our favorite versions are those by Via Mare and Ferino's Bibingka!

Via Mare's bibingka is a cult classic! 
Ferino's version has a wonderfully soft, eggy character to it. 

For orders, contact 0917-703-0729 or send a message to Off-Grid on Facebook or Instagram. For more information, check out Tabi-Tabi's Facebook page.

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