10 Best Places for Topnotch Ham This Christmas

From all-time favorites to new versions to love.

christmas ham
PHOTO BY Seda Hotels, Wildflour ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) When you think of noche buena, a couple of things likely come to mind. There’s the Christmas carols playing in the background, the lit-up parol, the ugly sweaters—and of course, you’ve gotta have Christmas ham at the center of the table. Serving the pork dish during the holidays is said to have roots in the European tradition of eating wild boar during feasts, and this spread as Christianity made its way across the globe—the Philippines included. Of course, there’s no denying that its rich, typically sweet-salty-smoky flavor brings on the festive feels like nothing else; after all, ‘tis the season to (cough) pig out and treat yourself for a job well done this year! If you’re looking for great ham that you can order for delivery, these ham-azing spots won’t disappoint.


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Get your Christmas ham fix from these sellers:

Majestic Ham

majestic ham
PHOTO BY Instagram/majestichamph
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Majestic Ham makes our favorite ham in Manila, with their eponymous product (starts at P1,500/kilo half-leg or whole bone-in ham) living up to the “majestic” part of its name. It’s said to be made with pork leg cured in oak barrels, boiled with a seasoning mix that includes salt, pepper, and star anise, and glazed; the resulting ham is has just the right level of saltiness, and eventually makes way to a deeply smoky flavor with a hint of spices before concluding with a slightly-sweet finish. Go ahead and message them on Facebook to place your orders.


For orders, send a message to Majestic Ham’s Facebook page.

Seda Hotels

Ham from Seda Hotels
PHOTO BY Seda Hotels

Made from organic pork, Seda Hotels' Holiday Ham (P1,500/1.5 kilograms) is brined for a week, massaged, and steamed and boiled with their special seasoning blend, giving you meat that’s flavorful through and through. From there, it’s glazed with pure Palawan honey that lends a slightly floral, complex sweetness to the mix! You can place your orders by reaching out to the delivery websites of the Seda branch nearest you.


For orders, visit Seda Hotels' delivery websites for their BGC, Quezon City, or Makati outposts. You can also check out their Facebook page.

The Plaza Catering

Ham from The Plaza Catering
PHOTO BY The Plaza Catering

Having been around since 1965, The Plaza Catering is practically an institution in these parts—and their signature Premium Baked Ham remains a reliable favorite to this day. Employing a five-decade old secret family recipe, this ham is lightly wood-smoked with their special blend of herbs and spices, making for a rich yet balanced bite that isn’t overpowering, complemented by a crackly sugar crust. You can get just the ham slices at P500 for 250 grams, or go for a whole, leg-in ham leg (starts at P4,350.00/2.175 kilograms) if you really wanna go all out. Simply visit their website to get your fix.


For orders, visit The Plaza Catering’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.


Holiday Ham by Cibo

You can count on Cibo to cook up excellent takes on Italian classics; likewise, they’re giving good ol’ Christmas ham an Italian-style twist with their Holiday Ham (P849)! Consider this a more sophisticated, Mediterranean take on ham, with an orange glaze for zestiness plus warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. It’ll be available November 22 onwards at selected branches of Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, and Shopwise, but supplies will be limited to just 20,000 pieces, so you don’t want to miss it.


For more information, check out Cibo's Facebook page.


Celebration Ham from Wildflour
PHOTO BY Wildflour

A returning favorite every Christmas season, Wildflour’s Celebration Ham uses the belly portion of pork, given a savory-sweet flavor profile that truly shines when it’s simply pan-fried. You can try it as part of their Celebration Ham Box (P1,895) that comes with Parker House Rolls and Pineapple Jam; or the more grand Celebration Ham Basket (P4,650) complete with Oat Bread, a Pineapple Glaze, and a bottle of Lamadoro wine. Place your orders by heading over to Wildflour’s website, Wildflour To-Go.


For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go. You can also check out Wildflour Restaurant’s Facebook page.

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Adelina’s Ham

adelina's ham
PHOTO BY Instagram/adelinasham

An established and well-loved brand that’s been around since the '50s, Adelina’s makes excellent ham which is on the mild side flavor-wise, but is right smack dab being sweet and salty with whisper of smokiness to keep you hooked. It comes with a thick, syrupy sauce that contributes sweetness to the mix, and there’s ample fat for a moist and succulent whole. Options include the Boneless Ham (P1,420/kilo), Bone-in Ham (P1,580/kilo), Sliced Ham (P1,600/kilo), and Scrap Ham (P1,440/kilo), and you can place your orders through their Viber number.


For orders, contact 0922-819-6113 through Viber. You can also check out Adelina’s Ham’s Facebook page.

Gastronomo Delicatessen

Smoked Christmas Ham from Gastronomo Deli
PHOTO BY Instagram/gastronomodeli

This local deli is known for having an A+ handle on meats—from sausages to tapa to bacon, they’ve got it all. This Christmas, they’re also peddling their take on the ever-essential star of the table: Say hello to their Smoked Christmas Ham (P900)! It’s on the relatively lean side, being made with ham muscle, yet doesn’t scrimp on flavor as it’s smoked in apple wood and served with a savory-zesty bourbon-citrus sauce. Stocks are limited, so you’ll want to place your orders ASAP by messaging Gastronomo Delicatessen on social media.


For orders, send a message to Gastronomo Delicatessen on Facebook or Instagram.

Cocina Murriel

Smoked Ham from Cocina Murriel
PHOTO BY Instagram/cocina.murriel

If you like your ham on the smoky side, family-owned venture Cocina Murriel’s Heirloom Smoked Ham (P575/500 grams sliced, P1,000/kilogram whole) is a must. It takes after a special recipe that took 10 years to perfect, and is smoked for hours to infuse the meat with that deeply savory flavor that’s great whether it’s savored plain, stuffed into pan de sal, or used in recipes. You can reach out to their contact number or message them on social media to try it for yourself.


For orders, contact 0995-907-6318 or send a message to Cocina Murriel on Facebook or Instagram.

Roma’s Homemade Hams

Premium Rolled Ham from Roma’s Homemade Hams

This underrated brand is another one of our favorite ham makers in Manila. They’ve been up since 1985 and make a stellar Premium Rolled Ham (P440/half kilo, P850/kilo; available whole or sliced)—a boneless roll that’s uber-juicy, with a savory-sweet profile and ample smokiness, plus a layer of caramelized fat that keeps the meat underneath moist. It’s so flavorful on its own that you almost don’t need the sauce that’s served alongside! If you’re after a decidedly sweeter version you can try the Sweet Loaf Ham (P340/half-kilo, P650/kilo; available whole or sliced); or if poultry is your protein of choice, they also make a must-try Christmas Chicken Ham (P650/kilo). Just message them on social media to place an order.


For orders, send a message to Roma’s Homemade Hams on Facebook or Instagram.

Classic Chef PH

Glazed Ham from Classic Chef PH
PHOTO BY Instagram/classicchefph

For an old-fashioned, totally nostalgic ham that comes complete with a pineapple ring and maraschino cherry on top, Classic Chef PH has got you with their Glazed Ham—a tender, juicy contender with a sweet-salty profile and a glossy outer glaze that’ll have you smacking your lips. The best way to enjoy it is to pair it with their own Soft Rolls, which have a pillowy consistency that captures the ham’s meatiness perfectly. You can order by messaging them on social media.


For orders, send a message to Classic Chef PH on Facebook or Instagram.

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