Roadtest: Ho-Ho-How Merry Is the Mcdonald's Speculoos Cookie McFlurry?

Mcdonald's Speculoos Mcflurry

( It's been a hot minute since McDonald's released their line of holiday specials, called O, Christmas Treats. McDonalds' limited-time-only holiday menu this year featured four new items: a new McCrispy Hamonado sandwich, a McCafé frappe, and two variants of the McFlurry. As huge fans of the OG Oreo McFlurry, we automatically gravitated toward trying the new ice cream treats—specifically the one with speculoos cookies.

Does speculoos sound familiar? You might remember these European spiced cookies—also called St. Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) cookies—as the stuff former food trend cookie butter is made of, and they're often served during the holidays. With that in mind, we knew we just had to try this soft-serve ice cream with cookie bits and cookie butter syrup dessert and put it to the test.

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Here's what we think of Mcdonald's Speculoos Cookie Mc Flurry:


The Speculoos Cookie McFlurry costs P73. It's not the cheapest McFlurry treat as the Oreo is just P57 but if you ask us, it's not too much of a deal breaker. P16 additional for a seasonal treat is still okay in our books.


The Mcdonald's O, Christmas Treats are available in all McDonald's stores for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. You can get your hands on this treat online too via the McDelivery Website and third-party food delivery apps. For the most part, this dessert is easy to come by. Just go to your neighborhood McDo branch and you'll likely find this treat on the menu, assuming there aren't any problems with their ice cream machine, of course.


Right off the bat, you'll get hit with the flavors of speculoos—the mix of cinnamon, cardamom, and other spices with a hint of caramel. Surprisingly, they'll meld together into this nutty, sweet, and earthy flavor, similar to that of a chai latte.   

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Speculoos Cookie Mc Flurry
PHOTO BY Mcdonald's Philippines
Actual Speculoos Cookie Mcflurry photo
Yup, there are lots more cookie bits in there.
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica

Just like the promotional photo, McDo didn't skimp on the cookie bits here. Our first up to the last spoonfuls of the dessert had a significant amount of speculoos cookie bits. Aside from being a great source of flavor, it's also a nice throwback to the texture and mouthfeel of eating a McFlurry. Plus, the addition of the cookie butter syrup added a tinge of sweetness to the flavor profile making it more balanced and less overwhelming as you eat more of it.

That being said, do we necessarily feel the Christmas vibe eating this dessert? We're not so sure.

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Final Verdict

Do we like the Speculoos Cookie McFlurry? Yes. Would we order it again? Yes. Would we want it all year long? Nope. Did we feel extra cheery and holiday-ready eating it? A little bit, as much as an ice cream treat usually does.

Let's unpack that last point. While we logically see the connection between the holidays and Speculoos cookies, especially with similar spiced desserts like gingerbread being consumed this time of the year in the West, it doesn't immediately resonate with our Filipino Christmas culture, not as much as something like bibingka or puto bumbong would. But on the other hand, it is still special, and a treat we don't get all year round.


That being said, would we recommend the Speculoos Cookie McFlurry? The short answer is yes. Go try it while you can, especially if you haven't had speculoos cookies before. It's a great way to get acquainted with the spiced cookies. Try it to expand your flavor palate, not necessarily because it's Christmas.

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