10 Pizzas You Should Get for Your Holiday Parties

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(SPOT.ph) Part of the Philippine Christmas tradition is the never-ending slew of holiday parties and get-togethers. Yup, come December, you'd bet almost everyone's social calendar is already full of reunions and whatnot. More often than not, these events would be potlucks where everyone brings something to the table. Sharing is caring, after all, and in this economy, it's also the practical thing to do when hosting a party. It can be tough to decide what to bring to these shindigs, but if there's one food item that's always a hit with the crowd, that's pizza. Yes, a nice slice of cheesy-gooey pizza and all the toppings will always hit the spot. They're filling and easy to eat. What's not to like, right? Well, there are a ton of places that serve this dish, so to help you on your quest to bring the best food item to the party, we rounded up a list of 10 establishments and their signature pies where you could get your pizza for whatever type of party you're throwing.


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Here are 10 pizzas you could bring to your next holiday party:

Pizzas for large groups (10 pax and up)

Like it or not, some parties are bigger than others. Whether it's a reunion of your entire college batch, a workplace party, or even a grand family affair, it's handy to have a list of pizzas that can deliver not only in terms of quality but also quantity without breaking the bank (too much).

Big Guys! Pizza’s The Big 5

Big Guys Pizza The Big 5
PHOTO BY Instagram/ Big Guys Pizza PH
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Big Guys! Pizza has your usual pizza flavors available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 inches to a whopping 36. But this shop's specialty is The Big 5 (P1,668). It is a 36-inch behemoth that's a mix of five flavors: Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, All Meat, and Super Supreme. So if you want a little bit of every flavor, this one is for you. A fan of toppings? You could double up the frills for an extra P449.

For more information, visit Big Guys! Facebook page.

Shakey's Special Americana Pizza

Shakey's Special Americana
PHOTO BY Website/ Shakey's Philippines

Shakey's has been serving pizzas in the country for over 40 years. It's a favorite among families and friends looking to satisfy a pizza craving. Shakey's serves a ton of pizza flavors, with seasonal flavors popping up every now and then. But among their massive repertoire of flavors, an all-time favorite would be the Shakey's Special. This pizza is loaded with beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green bell pepper, and onions and is made with 100% mozzarella cheese. The Americana variant (P1,049) of this classic is sized 18 inches, that's big enough for at least 10 slices, more if you get the pie cut into squares. 

For more information, visit Shakey's Philippines' website.

S&R's New York Style 18-inch Pepperoni Pizza

S&R Pizza
PHOTO BY Facebook/ S&R New York Style Pizza

For a New York Style pizza craving, the first flavor that comes to mind is good ol' pepperoni. And while there are tons of places that serve pepperoni pizzas, one of the better bang-for-your-buck options for large pizzas is S&R. Their 18-inch pepperoni pizza retails at P629, cheaper than most other options here. But don't be fooled by the relatively lower price tag; their massive slices with thick bready crusts always hit the spot for that quick and greasy pizza fix. 

For more information, visit S&R New York Style Pizza's Facebook page.

Xtremely Xpresso Big Ben X

Xtremely Xpresso Big Ben
PHOTO BY Facebook/ Xtremely Xpresso

Ordering and dining at Xtremely Xpresso are generally good for large groups. Their portions are generally family-style, which makes them great for sharing. But if you're a big group looking for a tasty and satisfying snack, you wouldn't want to miss out on trying Xtremely Xpresso's Big Ben Pizza. Dubbed "an absolutely awesome pizza," this two-cheese pie is made up of a lot of meats, including pepperoni, sausage, beef, and bacon, alongside veggies such as garlic, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. Be sure to order the X size, which is a 22-inch pizza that's good enough to feed about eight to 10 pax for only P899.

For more information, visit Xtremely Xpresso Cafe's Facebook page.

Jugno's 36-inch Monster Pizza

Jugno's Monster Pizza
PHOTO BY Facebook/ Jugno's Monster Pizza

Jugno's Monster Pizza is another giant 36-inch pie on the list. But unlike the first entry, Jugno's takes the giant pizza game to a whole new level by letting customers pick out up to 8 different flavors for their Monster Pizza starting at P999. You can choose from over 18 different pizza flavors, including classics like Hawaiian and pepperoni, to their signature flavors, such as the Jamaican Ye Mon and Anchovy Lovers. If you still can't please everyone with that much variety, we don't know what will.

For more information, visit Jugno's Monster Pizza's Facebook page.

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Pizzas for more intimate gatherings

Ah, yes, there's always a case to be made for smaller gatherings. You get to spend more time with each guest, there's less cleanup after, and our personal favorite, you can spend a bit more on the food per head. 

Crosta Pizzeria's Roni Sicilian

crosta pizzeria, roni sicilian pizza

Crosta Pizzeria's claim to fame is its signature sourdough crust. This unusual choice for their pizza base, along with their quirky but oh-so-delicious toppings, has landed this pizza spot as number 32 on the coveted 50 Top Pizza in the Asia-Pacific region list. You can't go wrong with any of their flavors, but gun to our head, and if we had to choose, we'd go with Roni Sicilian. This deep pan pizza with a hefty two-inch crust is a special take on the pepperoni pizza in that it uses imported cupping pepperoni, which is not the usual flat pepperoni you would find in many pizza places. This variety forms a cup shape when exposed to heat—rendering its edges a touch crisp and adding texture and a charred note while its center remains juicy. This goes well with the homemade Italian plum tomato sauce and mozzarella topping, which in turn, is balanced out by the crust. Bet your guests won't be able to forget this if you bring it out.


For more information, visit Crosta Pizzeria's website.

a mano's Stracciatella Pizza

The Stracciatella Pizza

Another spot featured on the 50 Top Pizza in the Asia-Pacific region list, a mano, is one pizza spot you wouldn't want to miss.  There are no pizzas worth skipping on their menu in fact, you might even want to ask about off-menu flavors. Case in point: the Stracciatella pizza. This is a gorgeous pie with dollops of its namesake cheese, set on the house-made crispy-chewy crust. The cheese adds a creaminess that evens out the tangy tomato sauce beneath, which in turn glistens against the lightly charred crust. Amazingly, everything comes together into a cohesive bite, offset just slightly by the aromatic basil that tops each slice. This pizza is a simple but memorable bite. 


For more information, visit a mano's Facebook page.

Wildflour Italian's Pepperoni

pepperoni pizza, wildflour

If you're looking for a distinctly Italian-tasting pizza, your best bet is to head to Wildflour Italian. Once there, you'll have a better sense of why this place was also included in the 50 Top Pizza in the Asia-Pacific region list. Gobble down slice after slice of their signature pepperoni pizza and feel the Italian vibes take over.


For more information, visit Wildflour Italian's website.

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Amare La Cucina's Alvin's Pizza

Amare La cucina, Alvin's Pizza
PHOTO BY Website/ Amare La Cucina

The only non-red-sauced pizza on the list, Amare La Cucina's Alvin's Pizza makes a case for the pesto as more than a pasta sauce. Aside from the basil base,  this pizza is pretty basic. Topped with bacon, mozzarella, EVOO, and Parmigiano Reggiano, this pie has all the makings of an easy favorite.


For more information, visit Amare La Cucina's website.

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza's Margherita with Fresh Mozzarella

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza, Margherita with Fresh Mozzarella
PHOTO BY Facebook/ Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

The last pie on this list is a deceptively simple but an impactful eat. Gino's  Margherita with Fresh Mozzarella is great because of how balanced and fresh it is. It's a no-frills pizza with just tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and Parmesan, but don't let its simplicity fool you. It packs a flavor punch that'll leave you and your guests with a great centerpiece for conversation.


For more information, visit Gino's Brick Oven Pizza's Facebook page.

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