Aspiring Filmmakers, Mikhail Red Is Looking for an Apprentice

Up for the challenge?

( Whether you're a casual moviegoer or a die-hard film buff, it's pretty interesting to find out how your fave flicks came to be and get some inside scoop on how it's made. If you're an aspiring filmmaker, plenty of Filipino directors and industry professionals have been offering workshops, which are great opportunities to learn from the pros. If you're up for the challenge, this might just be your chance: Dead Kids director Mikhail Red is looking for an apprentice.

The director announced his search on Twitter.


Aside from getting to work with the young director, his apprentice will be involved in an international miniseries (which may or may not be HBO's Halfworlds), a local feature film, and an international production set for 2020 up until early 2021.

He hasn't posted the full mechanics to apply for the apprenticeship, but we'll update you once the requirements are up.

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