10 Netflix Characters for Some Instant Halloween Costume Inspo

Go as your fave character with stuff you already have in your closet.


(SPOT.ph) You’ve been there before: You’re invited to a last-minute Halloween party with no time, resources, or ideas to pull off a costume that makes it look like you tried to get in the spirit of the spooks. We get how hard it can be to put together a Halloween costume, but breathe easy—the stuff you already have in your closet can be the very components to a respectable and quickly-assembled costume that will not only have you fitting in at a party, but also won’t set you off in a panicked search for very specific items.


Here are 10 emergency Halloween costumes inspired by Netflix characters:

Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

PHOTO BY Netflix

If you already dress like Lara Jean, good for you, you’re probably cute 24/7. But if that’s not your usual style, you can still pull off the look with a few items you already have in your closet—grab a patterned skirt, a comfy blouse, and a cardigan or jacket in a candy-colored tone and you’re good to go. Don’t forget the signature high ponytail and scrunchie! Bonus: Bring cupcakes to the party; no one will complain.

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Maeve Wiley from Sex Education

PHOTO screencap from Sex Education trailer

If you’re going for an edgier costume for Halloween, Maeve’s style is right up your alley. Think chunky shoes, ripped jeans, and all-black-everything. If you’ve been meaning to flaunt that sick leather jacket you got on sale last summer, now’s the perfect time to wear it. Feeling extra? Complete the look with fishnet stockings! Don’t forget the dark eye makeup and then you’re good to go.


Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

PHOTO screencap from Riverdale trailer

Elegant in bold, vampy shades, the Lodge heiress exudes sophistication with every step. Channel your inner elite with a polished black dress and matching heels. No Veronica Lodge look is complete without pearls, so don’t head out without a string of them around your neck. 


The gang from Stranger Things

PHOTO BY Netflix

The teens from Hawkins, Indiana, sure know how to hunt down monsters and look chic in their ’80s outfits. Go for large stripes or patterned tops, and have a hassle-free Halloween celebration in your denim trousers and sneakers. Only have a white pair? Add character to your whole look by sliding into colored or printed socks.


Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

PHOTO screencap from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer

Prim and proper Sabrina might seem like a sweet girl, but she’s not one to mess with. Look darling and deadly in red pieces by incorporating lace into your outfit. You can also swipe some rouge on your lips for an added touch of menace. Headbands are making a comeback, and it’s only right to wear one to finish the look. (A black cat would help, but if you don’t have one, it’s okay.) Just don’t go around cursing strangers!


The high school students of Love Alarm

PHOTO BY Netflix

Let’s tone it down a bit with a little high school romance. You might have long outgrown your high school days, but who says you can’t rock a uniform-inspired look now? All you need are a gray skirt, a crisp white button-down, and a ribbon or a necktie (you can borrow one from your dad). Drape a structured blazer in a neutral shade around your shoulders and turn on your Love Alarm!


Patty Bladel from Insatiable

PHOTO screencap from Insatiable season two trailer

Looking pretty for an event or a special occasion is 100% valid, and Halloween gives you reason to dress up as nicely (or as ugly) as you want for a day. Unearth your most stunning dress and shimmy right in because today, you can pretend to be resident pageant queen Patty Bladell. Slide into sky-high heels, wear your sash with pride, and put on a dazzling tiara atop your head. Now, strut like you mean it!


Jenny from Someone Great

PHOTO screencap from Someone Great trailer

Picture this: You’ve broken up with your S.O. of nine years, and while you’re looking fabulous for a night out with friends, you break down on the train and realize you need closure. Dramatic, we know, but it makes for a poignant scene that you, too, can reenact—heartbreak or no heartbreak. Slip into a sleeveless black lace dress and stay warm with a denim jacket. Top it off with your tears and you’re done!


Payton Hobart from The Politician

PHOTO Courtesy of Netflix

Confidence is attractive, but so is a sleek and sensible outfit a la future president Payton Hobart. Several closet staples can help you spell ambition and look preppy chic: go for turtlenecks or collared shirts in neutral hues, and pair it with trousers, jackets, or cardigans in rich jewel tones. If you think about it, this is just power-dressing, and as long as you feel like you can tell people you’re going to be president in the outfit you’re wearing, then that’s it.


Diane Nguyen from Bojack Horseman

PHOTO screencap from Bojack Horseman trailer

While it would be fun to go as the cynical stallion himself, you might not have a spare horse mask lying around ready to transform you into the former star of a famous Hollywood horse program. We present you with an alternative: Dress up as writer Diane Nguyen. It won’t even feel like a Halloween outfit with all the everyday items you’ll use to create the look—it’s just your trusty army-green jacket over a white shirt and your comfiest pair of denim jeans. She wears heeled boots, but we argue that any black boot would yield a result that’s just as effective. Oh, and put on some glasses (prescription optional).


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