There's a Reason Alexandra Trese Speaks That Way, Says Netflix Producer

Executive producer Jay Oliva speaks up on the voice-acting debate.

Liza Soberano as Alexandra Trese
PHOTO Courtesy of Netflix ILLUSTRATION war espejo

( Trese is currently polarizing fans. Well, not the animated adaptation itself but more specifically, Liza Soberano's first foray into voice acting—which saw her immediately take up the role of the badass Lakan Alexandra Trese. Soberano's work is at the top of things people have very strong opinions about and it looks like Netflix's series executive producer Jay Oliva has gotten wind of all the buzz.

The showrunner took to his personal Twitter account on June 15, PH time, to talk about the casting decision, stating that Trese's character is "cold and unemotional at times because of all the things she’s experienced in life." Both Shay Mitchell, the Filipino-Canadian actor behind the English version, and Soberano "brought unique performances that was better than I could have imagined."


The Alexandra Trese and Batman Connection

The Filipino-American producer shared that when he and comic book creator Budjette Tan spoke about Alexandra Trese, the main comparison was DC Comics' troubled superhero Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne. "I’ve cast A LOT of Batman/Bruce Wayne’s in my career so I know a thing or two about tortured souls who persevere to do right and defend those who cannot defend themselves," added Oliva. He included a page from Tan and Kajo Baldismo's OG graphic novels in his tweet.

Whichever version you liked better, "I think the thing to celebrate the most is that we have brought Filipino mythology and lore to the world and world is responding by how much they love it!" 

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Oliva also added a shoutout to Trese's dubbing in other languages, which has English, Filipino, Japanese, and Spanish. "Watching it in the other languages I actually forgot I worked on the show and it felt so new and fresh," he wrote. 

"Monotonous" was arguably the top critique of Soberano's voice-acting, something popular voice talent Inka Magnaye has spoken up on. Magnaye's verdict? TL;DR: Great for a first try but could have been better. The Batman reference has also been thrown around online—but this is the part where we just say even Christian Bale's take on the Dark Knight spawned lots of criticism. Perhaps stoic is just a hard thing to translate into voicing? Either way, we definitely need a second season of Trese.


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