A Quirky Drink to Try, a Steak Dinner + More Weekend Things to Do

The first -Ber weekend calls for a celebration, don't you think?


(SPOT.ph) We didn't see this coming, but we're here. Yup, it's September, and no, we won't wake you up when the month ends. Instead, we have a couple of fun suggestions for you so you can make the most of your weekend.

A few of our recommendations for a worthwhile weekend:

Let loose and watch this millennial red panda's adventures.

Let Retsuko, a 25-year-old anthropomorphic red panda, show you how taking a break from work is done in Aggretsuko. She works as an accountant and secretly vents her stress away after work in a karaoke room, spewing all her frustrations in true death-metal style. We've seen her form friendships in the first season while the second season revolved on Retsuko's love life and self-discovery. Season 3, which dropped on August 27 on Netflix, takes a different turn as Retsuko crosses paths with an underground girl group called OTM Girls with their manager, Hyodo.


Listen (and smile while at it) to Katy Perry's latest album.

"Honey, don't come for me. I'm nine months pregnant and I'm promoting, okay?" Katy Perry shared with us in a video call with Pinoy fans in August, in response to people who think otherwise. Come on: the woman gave birth to her first child on August 26 and released an album days after. We can't stop listening to “Cry About It Later” and “Teary Eyes,” two songs which Perry describes as songs that have a European '90s feel to them. Whoever said that Perry isn't promoting her newest album has got to chill...and just smile.

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Try a new—and unusual—drink.


We're all for unusual drinks, and our latest discovery does not disappoint: Yogurt With Salted Egg Yolk (P160) from Yomie's Rice x Yogurt. It's a smooth mix of tangy and rich flavors in a cup. If that's not your cup of, well, yogurt, you can go for their Fresh Fruit x Yogurt Smoothie series (we recommend the chunky Avo!). You can get their yogurt smoothies for takeaway at their Banawe branch or have them delivered via Foodpanda, Grab Food, or LalaFood. 


Sleep some more...when you get this weighted blanket.

We miss hugs, and if you badly miss them, this is the next best thing: a weighted blanket from Blanket Hugs. They're known to help ease insomnia, improve sleep quality, and offer stress relief. This blanket offers deep touch pressure stimulation for your body—just thinking about it makes us want to crawl back to our bed for Zs. The Blanket Hug is available in four sizes: Adult (P5,999/15 pounds), King/Queen (P12,999/30 pounds), Kids (P4,499/7 pounds), and Full (P9,499/20 pounds) and are available in three colors: Cloud White, Lazy Grey, and Slumber Beige. You can pre-order them at Blanket Hugs' website.

Let your Pinoy flag fly with a straight-talking, no-nonsense general.

PHOTO BY Heneral Luna Facebook Page

If you’re feeling like you need your faith in government restored, don’t watch this film. What it will do, though, is restore your faith in the Filipino, and our capacity to do what’s right for the greater good, however challenging that may be. As Heneral Luna said, “Bayan or sarili? Pumili ka!”

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Do the bagnet dance and eat some sammies.

Plus points if you get the I'm Drunk, I Love You reference right there. As much as we want to hit La Union and enjoy bagnet and beer just a few steps away from the beach, it's not the most responsible thing to do ("Love responsibly," part of the movie's tagline says, after all). In the meantime, why not snack on XO 46 Heritage Bistro's Smoked Bagnet Crunch (P239), which you can get delivered to your doorstep? It features crispy, succulent bits of smoky bagnet in between slightly sweet pan de sal and other fillings. Just call XO 46 Heritage Bistro at 8553-6566, 0945-615-8255, or 0927-590-7335.


Brush up on a significant time in world history—in a fresh new way.

In this fascinating long read, Manuel Quezon III looks back on the final days of World War II through the diary entries of three different Filipinos who lived through it. Among them, Leon Maria Guerrero, a diplomat who went on to write The First Filipino, a biography of Jose Rizal.

Go for a steak out. 

PHOTO BY Wolfgang's Steakhouse

It’s the weekend, and that’s always a good reason to have an indulgent steak dinner. Why not step it up even further by getting your own personal chef? With the newly launched micro-catering service by Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, you can opt to get catering for as little as two people, and go for the works—table, linens, silverware, and waitstaff included.

Show off your indoor garden.

PHOTO BY Wooden racks, furi home ILLUSTRATION warren espejo

Who says you need lots of space to grow a garden? Nurture your own spot of green at home—whether you live in a 10-room house or a studio-sized condo—with plant racks perfect for a vertical garden. This one takes up less space than a TV console and can carry up to 10 full-sized potted plants.

Go museum-hopping.

PHOTO BY Google Arts and Culture

Take your pick from some of the world’s best museums—or check them all out in one day. Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is home to an incredible selection of very well-known paintings including "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt and "The Milkmaid" by Vermeer. Or why not check out the Leonardo Da Vinci room at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg?

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