10 Pinoy Action Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunts.

(SPOT.ph) When we talk about Filipino action films, we usually picture the ones our dads and titos were fond of watching. You know the type: full of leather jacket-wearing goons and protagonists with coiffed hairdos, battling it out with bullets and theatrics. They're also the ones top billed by practically the same roster of action stalwarts who aren't easy to imagine in anything other than their tough-talking roles.

In the past decade or so, though, action, along with other movie genres, has become more and more diverse and reminiscent of crime thrillers and suspense flicks from around the globe. If you need proof, then this list is exactly that. Here are films with storylines that go beyond the bida vs. kontrabida trope to explore and expose the dark and violent underbelly of society, and the everyday individuals that get tangled in its web. They’re often bleak and bloody, and feature a mix of indie and well-known mainstream actors—known for their clean-cut roles—getting down and dirty against the bad guys (or, in some cases, they’re the bad guys), too.


Here are 10 action-packed local films and where you can watch them:

On the Job (OTJ) (2013)

Stream it on: HOOQ
One of the most critically acclaimed Filipino movies in recent years, action or otherwise, Erik Matti’s On the Job tackles politics, corruption, poverty, and prison gun-for-hire—where prisoners, under orders from a powerful boss, are said to be paid and temporarily released to carry out contract killings. Check out Gerald Anderson, who plays a hit man, and Piolo Pascual, an NBI agent, as they play a high-risk game of cat and mouse in the city's streets.

Metro Manila (2013)

Stream it on: Netflix
Metro Manila, a British independent movie by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sean Ellis, follows the story of a poor farming family forced to leave their home in Banaue for the gritty streets of Manila, desperate and left with no choice but to take on demoralizing, high-risk jobs in order to live. We all know people think moving to the shining Metropolis is the answer to life's problems, but this movie explores just how badly that can turn out. The cast is led by local indie mainstay Jake Macapagal as the farmer-turned-armored car driver and John Arcilla as his senior partner on the job.

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Saka Saka (2013)

Stream it on: iWant
Being a hitman isn't exactly a profession one chooses to get into, but in the provinces, it's said that people willingly work as a saka saka—political assassins—in exchange for tracts of land given to them by the politicians they answer to. This movie, directed by action veteran Toto Natividad, explores this system and is based on real-life political killings in the province of Abra. The movie stars Ejay Falcon and Joseph Marco, as siblings who become ruthless hitmen in their quest to avenge the death of their father, a saka saka himself.

Dukot (2016)

Stream it on: iWant
Paul Soriano’s Dukot is the story of a young man abducted and held for ransom, triggering a fast-paced series of events as his family struggles to get him back. Based on a true story, the movie shows both sides of the ordeal, blurring the line between good and bad. The young man's father, a corrupt government official, tries to keeps his secrets under wraps, while the kidnappers story is also revealed. It stars Enrique Gil as the kidnapped son, Ricky Davao as his father, and Christopher de Leon as the abductors' leader.


AWOL (2017)

Stream it on: iWant
In this film directed by Enzo Williams, Gerald Anderson stars as the leader of an elite sniper group. When somebody decides to take out his men—and threaten his family—he goes all-out rogue on a personal revenge mission. The classic tale of honor, vengeance, and a whole lot of gunfire, gets revamped in this blood-pumping movie.

Riding in Tandem (2017)

Stream it on: iWant
This movie is another action thriller directed by Toto Natividad that you wouldn't want to miss. The term "riding in tandem" already has a bad rep in the country, where two dudes on a bike carry out hits—sometimes on very busy roads in broad daylight. This movie, starring Jason Abalos and Khalil Ramos as the titular hired killers, takes a good, hard look at the story of these criminals.

BuyBust (2018)

Stream it on: Netflix
Probably no one ever imagined Anne Curtis doing an action film until Erik Matti’s BuyBust was released. This movie—which Matti describes as a "very Filipino action film"—proves there's so much more to the bubbly actress, as she shows her tougher side. Curtis plays the role of Nina Manigan, a rookie member of an elite anti-narcotic squad. This movie highlights the drug-filled underworld of Manila as her team goes undercover in a buy-bust operation to capture a big-time drug lord. 


The Trigonal: Fight for Justice (2018)

Stream it on: iWant, HOOQ
If you're into gladiator style, fight-to-the-death battles, then The Trigonal: Fight for Justice directed by Vincent Soberano, is for you. Here, Ian Ignacio stars as a retired mixed martial arts champion forced to leave his idyllic life—and a pregnant wife, played by Rhian Ramos—behind to participate in an underground event where all fighters duke it out to the death in the arena. The movie also features other real-life martial arts experts, including Monsour del Rosario, a Taekwondo champ, and Sarah Chang, a member of the U.S. National Wushu Team.

We Will Not Die Tonight (2018)

Stream it on: iWant
Like Curtis, Erich Gonzales is known for her leading lady-type roles on television and film. But in Richard Somes’s We Will Not Die Tonight, we see a different side of her as a stuntwoman and aspiring actress. Lured by the promise of a big payoff, she and her friends get involved with a gang for a “one-time, big-time” job—only to find themselves fighting for their lives throughout the course of one long, bloody night.


Maria (2019)

Stream it on: Netflix
Cristine Reyes joins the small but impressive band of local actresses who kick ass in action flicks. In Pedring Lopez’s Maria, she stars as a seemingly normal wife and mother with a dark past. Once a deadly assassin for a drug cartel, her violent past catches up with her and forces her to fight to protect her family. Get ready for hardcore fight scenes and drawn out deadly hand-to-hand combat in this cool and sleek action thriller.

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