10 Romantic Flicks to Watch Depending on Your Relationship Status

From "Single AF" to "Way Past the Honeymoon Stage."

valentine's movies

(SPOT.ph) Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day is here—and so are all the feelings. In case you don’t have anything planned for the day of hearts or are not celebrating it at all (for whatever reason), we round up some good ol’ romantic movies you can watch with the S.O. (or your loved ones, yourself included). And to make the choosing process a little easier, we matched the local and foreign titles up to whatever possible relationship status you’re currently in! So whether you’re riding high in the honeymoon stage or are way past it—we have you covered for Valentine's movies and beyond.

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Tired of the same old rom-com tropes? Watch these 10 foreign and Pinoy Valentine's movies:

Young, Dumb, and In Love: To All the Boys: Always and Forever


Where to watch: Netflix

Nothing like a feel-good young adult flick to get the love-bug bite—especially when we’re talking Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky (Lana Condor and Noah Centineo). Their fake-turned-real love story has had everyone feeling giddy since the first movie dropped in 2018 so there’s no doubt the third and final installment will be the closure you—and your S.O.—need. Plus points if you guys copy their cutest moments on-screen. We’re still not over that adorable snap of them napping during the first movie. And maybe you could plan a trip to South Korea like Lara Jean in the future, too!

Recommended Videos

Family and Career First: Hello, Love, Goodbye

Where to watch: Netflix

For the no-nonsense, totally focused, can’t-be-distracted viewer, may we suggest some badass Joy (Kathryn Bernardo) knowing her priorities and going for it—romantic love be damned. This Cathy Garcia-Molina film broke a lot of Pinoy romance movie expectations that we’ve grown accustomed to, from the unexpected (but totally convincing) pairing of Bernardo and Alden Richards, the bare and honest portrayal of the OFW’s sacrifices, and dang, that ending. It’s the perfect reality check!

Way Past the Honeymoon Stage: A Marriage Story

Where to watch: Netflix

Hit a rough patch—or maybe even the possible end to a once-perfect relationship? Why not rub salt into the wound with this hard-hitting look at the unraveling of a marriage? It makes perfect sense. If you need all your frustrations played out in front of you for some vicarious release, then Charlie and Nicole (Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) are the perfect pair to watch. You can even skip on over to that epic, wall-tearing, heartbreaking argument. We know you know the one.


Still Going Strong: A Second Chance

Where to watch: Netflix

If, on the other hand, your relationship has gone through every up and down imaginable but you’re still pushing through, then Popoy and Basha (John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, as if you didn’t already know) is the pair for you. The second movie was no less of a rough ride than the OG One More Chance and the two fought through so many obstacles and barriers—including each other—to finally get some stability. If you can relate to that, then hit play on this one.

First Love Never Dies: Alone/Together

Where to watch: Netflix

Here’s one for the rare couple that has stayed together since their school days. Remember when Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil played college sweethearts who drift apart and then find their way back to each other after years and years (and a whole lot of character development)? Of course, you do; that totoy and nene look is unforgettable.

In Love With the Bestie: I’m Drunk, I Love You

Where to watch: Netflix, TBA Studios YouTube channel

Look, we know nothing beats Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin in Labs Kita… Okey Ka Lang? and that “biggest mistake” line but this Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino tandem is a close second. Bring yourself back to your college days and watch as Carson (Salvador) tries to reconcile her unrequited feelings for best friend Dio (Avelino) during a last hurrah before graduation. Doesn’t matter if you and your BFF did end up together or not, this movie will hit you right in the feels.


Still Need Closure: Hintayan ng Langit

Wounds still open from your last real relationship (possibly from years ago)? Yeah, we feel you. Well, walang tatalo kay lola. Gina Pareño takes on the role of Lisang, a woman who finds herself roomed in purgatory with none other than an ex (the late Eddie Garcia)—leading the two down a path of closure that’s an entire lifetime too late (literally). Talk about some extreme baggage. Plus, this was the first foray into scriptwriting by Juan Miguel Severo.

Where to watch: Netflix

It's Complicated—Pandemic Version: Locked Down

Where to watch: HBO Go

Broke up with your partner mid-quarantine—and then ended up having to continue living with them anyway? Yup, it happens. Sure, this comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor as a couple in that exact position may sound predictable, but don’t worry because they added in a whole diamond heist storyline in. Bet you thought things couldn’t get any more complicated.

Single AF: Isn't It Romantic

Where to watch: Netflix

Doesn’t matter where you are on the bitterness scale, or are completely out of it, this satirical rom-com about every other rom-com makes for a good watch. It stars Rebel Wilson as a jaded woman who finds herself trapped in a fantasy world full of romantic movie tropes—giving you all the opportunities to laugh at every lie Hollywood has ever fed us about true love. Also, there’s a self-love lesson thrown in too, for good measure.


Boys Come and Go But BFFs Are Forever: Someone Great

Where to watch: Netflix

Just got “zumped”? No worries, there’s a movie out there for you. Someone Great first made a splash in 2019 and nope, it hasn’t lost any of its girl-bros-before-man-hoes charm. Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) is saved from her downward spiral courtesy of the end of a nine-year relationship by her friends Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow), who have their own relationship dramas to deal with. But who better to rely on than you closest friends? Pop it into the player—we mean, stream it online—and watch it with your gang for a sweet reminder.

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